Tips for Securing your E-commerce site:

One of the most important sections of managing your online business is ensuring your e-commerce site is secure. The probability of your customers doing business with your repeatedly is minimal if you do not guarantee their data is safe when transacting and after transacting.

However, technology and to be specific security technology is always changing, thus keeping up with the changes becomes difficult for business owners. If you are using WooCommerce, protecting your customers and site does not require you to be an expert. Although the process of making your site secure involves many steps, we have simplified the steps. These are our simple steps to help you secure your WooCommerce site.

Using a host that prioritizes your security:

Did you know the work of most people working at hosting companies is to understand everything concerning security? Ask yourself what would happen if someone who knows the ins and outs of security is jobless? Because of these reasons, choosing a company that prioritizes your security is the most basic and easiest means of ensuring your site is protected.

Factors to consider when choosing the host of your site include:

  • Offers restoration services: A hosting company with both backup and recovery services helps you in restoring your online presence whenever something goes wrong.
  • Daily backups: the host company should be offering regular backups so that in the case of any attack, you will quickly get back online.
  • Automatic updates: A hosting company with automatic updates helps you in identifying security holes immediately they are detected, protecting your data.
Avoid forced attacks:

Although forced attacks method is simple, it is effective, whereby your security keys or password combinations are guessed & one gets the right characters making the password. Also, this method is still an ordinary means of breaking into sites. Just like the process is simple, the ways of preventing the method are much easier, and they include:

  • Limiting your login attempts: the forced attack method works when hackers or their PCs are capable of trying to log in sites repeatedly for over a million times. However, you can use the various WP plugins that work by limiting the attempts. Among the best plugins to install in your, WooCommerce are Login Lockdown and WP Limit login attempts.
  • Using a password manager: The use of password managers is the best way of generating passwords that are difficult for sophisticated hackers to crack. LastPass is among the password managers that apart from helping you create strong passwords, automatically enters the password on the right site, so long as you know the primary password of your LastPass account everything is under control.
Using a 2-factor authentication:

One of the smartest ways of keeping your site secure is the use of a 2-factor authentication. Even if attackers manage to guess your password and username, but you are using the 2-factor authentication, to cross the second phase of protection, they must enter the second password, which is typically sent to your cell phone. MiniOrange’s 2-factor plugin is one of the best 2-factor authentication plugins to use on the site.

Buying a SSL certificate:

If your e-commerce site accepts credit cards, ensure you buy an SSL certificate. With an SSL certificate, the data of your customer gets encrypted, especially their credit card details sent via the internet. Here is a two-part compilation of SSL checklist at McAfee’s Ultimate SSL part 1 and 2 to learn about SSL.

Backing up your files:

Although choosing a host that offers daily backups, there is no guarantee that daily backup will be provided to you. Therefore, the only guarantee of keeping backups of your files is yourself. You should ensure you backup all files using WordPress plugins. Here are the best WordPress backup plugins to use in your e-commerce, because they are not only reliable but also convenient.

Updating your site regularly:

Most of the workers in WordPress are well-informed about site security. Therefore, every time they discover a security hole, they come up with new WordPress versions to solve the problem. Therefore, ensure you update your WooCommerce site regularly whenever an update notification appears. However, you should not worry about version updates if your host updates automatically.

Informing your customers their data is safe:

It is your role to ensure your clients are protected. Similarly, it is your role to tell your customers that their data is safe. The primary reason as to why informing their clients is necessary is to grow your business. Whenever the customers are safe, they will not only but from your site, but also recommend their relatives and friends.

McAfee plugin offers the best safety because it makes the visitors of your site feel secured by taking them through an external security scan. Apart from the McAfee plugin being an easy means of enhancing the credibility of your site, you can subscribe to a premium membership and enjoy services such as highlighting searches, sitemaps, and protection of shopper ID, site reviews, and diagnostics among others.

June 18, 2017

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