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WordPress has always made sure to stay relevant with the changing times and shifting user preferences. The update 4.7 released on 6th December 2016 is no different and downloaded over 10 million times. Now comes 4.7.1. Let’s explore at what is new with the new version of WordPress 4.7 series. Have a read at WordPress 4.7.1 security and maintenance release.

New features

  • 2017 default theme: The new twenty-seventeen WordPress theme will turn out to be a great feature for business websites. What’s more, this particular theme will also offer starter contents thus helping new users build their WordPress sites.
  • Video headers: The 2017 theme will also come with video-header support. Users can use their own MP4 videos or videos from Vimeo and YouTube.
  • Live preview of custom CSS: Those wishing to add custom CSS to their themes can do so directly from theme customizer. However, the custom CSS will have to be specific to the previewed theme.
  • Theme-setup flow: With WordPress 4.7, you will experience improved site-setup flow and themes. You will get to see an improved and polished view of installed themes along with direct setup from theme customizer.
  • Thumbnail previews: While uploading PDF files in WordPress 4.7, you will get to see the thumbnail preview of the first document page. The new version will also offer thumbnail previews on attachment pages.
  • Social media link and navigation menus: Creation and configuration of main navigation menus become easier than ever. The theme customizer will help users perform direct menu configurations and creation.
  • Diverse language options: All you have to do is install your preferred language. If it’s more than one, you will have the opportunity to choose the User Language. The feature will ensure huge benefits for business site owners, as every member will have the opportunity to follow their linguistic preferences.