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Everyone around the world has openly embraced online shopping. Everyone prefers the convenient way of getting whatever they want from the variety of options at their doorsteps. It is expected that by the year 2021, 65% of the sales are through online services.

E-commerce has also enabled people to place orders from around the world and get them delivered to you. However, a significant hurdle that potential customers from foreign countries face while visiting an e-commerce site is navigating it in a foreign language.

The language barrier is a significant problem that the shoppers have to face when looking for their favorite items across the internet. The friction produced can result in the loss of a possible customer and sale.

The one solution to this issue is to create a multilingual e-commerce page that can cater to a broader customer base around the world. The international market provides you with opportunities that can be tapped into.

What System to Choose for the Multilingual Online Store

If you aim to reach the international market from your e-commerce store, then it’s essential that you consider the tool that gives you multilingual functionality with it. Many systems do the job, but WooCommerce is a platform that provides a robust and smooth experience for you and your customers.

Multilingual WordPress

You can make your WordPress multilingual by enabling a plugin. As your WordPress website is not multilingual by default, you will have to make use of the multiple languages in the online store. An excellent option to use for your sites is the MultilingualPress plugin.


The plugin offers you a convenient way of bringing multilingual functionality to your website. It requires minimal effort and runs your site smoothly in the languages you want. It is better not to rely on Google Translate as the results can be very misleading. A webpage’s text not making sense to native speakers of different languages does not reflect well on the website.

One remarkable feature that WordPress offers to its users is of the Multisite. It is a core feature of the website that integrates several independent sites to a single WordPress installation. MultilingualPress uses the same function to run multiple websites in different languages seamlessly. All the various websites are treated as a specific language website. The feature links all of them together in the same installation and it can be easily switched from one version of it to another.

Moreover, the content on your websites, like blog posts, product descriptions, and FAQs, is linked with the corresponding positions on the site in another language. By connecting these posts, MultilingualPress enables visitors to see the same content in many words. For example, the English blog post on your website will be linked to their counterparts in other languages, like Arabic and French. Keep in mind that the translation posted for the content and the choice of words to provide translations in would come from you.

Advantages of MultilingualPress

  • 1. Improved Performance: MultilingualPress ensures that when any webpage on your website loads, it appears in a single language. With only one page being loaded at a time, your site will not slow down. Usually, if other websites are being loaded simultaneously, the performance is affected. MultilingualPress offers a robust and effective solution.
  • 2. Flexibility: Every language is unique in its way. Similarly, a webpage for the same content in different languages can’t be the same. If you merely translate one website into another and ignore the context, you are running a massive risk of losing customers. Therefore, your sites in different languages must be various as well.

This becomes possible with MultilingualPress as with the multisite solution you can make as many changes as you want on the corresponding website. Being wary of language-specific features on every site is essential. With this tool, you have complete control; from functionality to content. You can easily customize sites of different languages to your liking.

  • 3. Core Feature: The multisite option you find on the WordPress is a core feature that is accessible across many plugins. Any function that works in multisite setup will be available in MultilingualPress too
  • 4. Translation Service: WordPress offers a TranslationManager plugin that helps in translating your pages into other languages. There are options of over 50 words, and you can choose any of them to turn your page.

This paid extension delivers appropriate translations that are done by native writers. There are no discrepancies in between and is taken care of at the WordPress’ backend. You will not have to waste any time to copy and paste the text to your separate websites. Many professionals have endorsed the trusted translations from this plugin so that you can rest assured.

  • Not Bound by Multilingual Press: While you are using MultilingualPress, it is essential to know that you are not going to be bound by the same website. As you have designed independent websites for every language, changes in one word will not affect the other. Even if you uninstall the MultilingualPress, the sites will stay as they are.
  • Improved SEO: Search engines reward websites that perform better via the better listing. MultilingualPress helps you optimize the performance of every site. You can edit specific components on every independent website to improve its SEO.
  • Ease of Usability: With the multisite tool, you can duplicate as many pages as you want, along with their settings and functionality. The feature also allows you to copy complete websites to provide you with ease in usability.
  • High-Quality Code: The plugin MultilingualPress is developed on PHP 7, which ensures its efficiency and reliability.

WordPress has provided a brilliant platform through which you can run several foreign language websites. It will help you create duplicate sites in languages you want your product information to be presented in. Despite being independent, Multilingual Press makes them operate together seamlessly, connecting all of them as one for the visitors.

Now, you can configure every store according to its details separately. Multiple languages are an excellent option to include on your e-commerce store website and enter the international market.

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