Ways To Increase Your Shopify Stores Sales By 50%

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All Shopify store owners are always finding ways of growing their businesses. Even so, the primary issue is that they at times, use a lot of dollars on marketing outlets that might sometimes turn risky and stressing. Reason being, there are many uncertainties that if their investments will make some returns or not. Here, you will learn about how to Increase Your Shopify Store Sales.

Nevertheless, there is no single restriction that prevents them from minimizing customer churn or getting new customers. Owing to, all is determined by budget, time, and resources available.

In this article, we shall look at seven proven methods to raise your Shopify store sales by at least 50%:

Here are six proven methods to Increase your shopify store sales

1. Remove abandoned carts

Do you have an already functioning Shopify store? If so, then you will agree on this that from a total of sixty customers visiting your website, almost twenty or thirty will at the end abandoning their shopping carts.

As a result, this makes costs on many e-commerce businesses. For example, if 40 customers purchase your product at $200/ month, your revenue will be $8,000. 

But, if you can manage to minimize abandoned carts and make sales to 60 customers, then the revenue will increase.

2. Advertising

Google AdWords and Facebook have offered a perfect chance for improved sales in many e-commerce stores. Besides this, Facebook is fantastic if people are not aware of the type of product they are looking for. For example, if beauty is your niche, your target might be all Facebook users who have an interest in beauty. Thus, you can introduce them to the right products which they do not know.

3. Utilize free shipping

Many customers hate paying for shipping. Thus, free shipping is among the areas you can utilize without problems and get many benefits. Indeed, shoppers may purchase five times more if you are offering a free shipping option.

However, if your business is small and offering free shipping is not possible, consider offering this incentive to anyone who signs-up for membership.

4. Search for affiliate associates

Among the primary reasons why affiliate associates are an ideal option for increasing your Shopify stores sales is incentivized commission for the growth of your business. Irrespective of parting with a small percentage of your profit, it is worth due to the increase in sales. Also to make sure there is stable and increasing growth, the affiliates have in-house Shopify SEO professionals whose work is driving traffic on your site.

Although looking for help from Shopify SEO expert affiliates is essential, you should not overlook the various features which can assure the effectiveness of your affiliate program. For example, you should consider if you are supposed to join a network or establish your tracking system.

5. Up sales and down sales

Among the reasons for making this method great for growing your Shopify store is that you are not required to keep on adding products in order to grow sales. However, many Shopify owners do not know that it is easier for customers who had bought from you to continue buying, as opposed to getting new customers. For example, if your product is women shoes which are attractive and comfortable, your up-sale can be a pack of three and not one. Although this may seem simple, it will increase value and create more opportunities.

6. SEO ranking and content

One of the ways of growing your organic traffic is ensuring your rank high on Google. But, you cannot achieve this if you are not taking into account the various methods for SEO for an e-commerce site. For example, blogging might assist you in creating back-links to others sites in the niche. As a result, this will drive traffic to your website, and in the end, increase your sales.


The means of increasing growth and sales on your e-commerce outlet are many, and they comprise of SEO for Shopify store methods. Besides that, you should determine the specific needs of your customers, examine the data, and utilize the seven ways in this article. as a result, your Shopify stores sales will increase.