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WooCommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce plugins for WordPress. WooCommerce extensions make WooCommerce a highly adaptable e-commerce solution. Thus, providing e-commerce solution for businesses around the globe. 

These extensions are add-on plugins. They provide additional features and functionality to your WooCommerce default options. These extensions enhance and extend the possibilities of your e-commerce store. They achieve this by offering countless advanced features. These features include the ability to send automatic invoice emails or shipment tracking for your customers.

 Let’s take a look at some of the best WooCommerce extensions that we’ve handpicked for you. The developers already divide these extensions into various categories. This division depends on their functionality and features. 

​​​​Exporting and Importing

WooCommerce allows you to import various products into your store using CSV files, but there are still a lot of things that can be improved by adding an extension.

If you want to make the exporting and importing process more accessible, then you need the assistance of a powerful extension – WP All Import. This efficient extension enables you to import large images and files, and convert currencies. This also supports drag and drop from CSV or XML files directly into the product screen of WooCommerce.

​​​​​​​​​Bulk Editing in WooCommerce

WooCommerce only offers limited bulk editing. To work around this, you can use an extension that expands the capabilities of WooCommerce.

Advanced Bulk Edit is a superb WooCommerce extension that enables you to easily create new categories, filter products, generate sales prices, replace text, and much more.

Multi – currency in WooCommerce

When you start an e-commerce store, you want to have the ability to become a place for international sales. To do so, you should accept various different national currencies on your website. However, the standard version of WooCommerce only allows you to accept one base currency.

WooCommerce Multi-Currency Store is a plugin that allows you to automatically and instantly display pricing in the local currency of your customer. Also, you can see exchange rates on the fly.

Booking System in WooCommerce

By default WooCommerce does not support booking functionality. For many businesses, this is an essential to have.

If you would like for WooCommerce to support appointment bookings and rentals, you can use a WordPress plugin extension called Pinpoint Booking System. The extension comes with both free and pro versions. Both of these versions enable your customers to make bookings for anything, anywhere, and anytime.

WooCommerce Analytics

If you have used WooCommerce previously, you might be familiar with the default reporting feature. While this feature might not give you enough detailed information, you can certainly use WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration to get more in-depth data and insights.

With this increased functionality, you can have access to page-level analytics, real-time data, referral tracking, and a lot more.

Dynamic ​​​​Pricing in WooCommerce

For some WooCommerce websites, dynamic pricing is a highly useful and requested feature. However, this type of pricing cannot be handled out-of-the-box by WooCommerce. Complex pricing might include things like customer loyalty discounts, conditional cart discounts, and BOGO promotions.

When using the WooCommerce Dynamic Discounts and Pricing extension, you can provide retail and wholesale pricing, buy one get one deal of bundle products, reward programs, and flash sales, and more. All of this can be created through deals, promotions, or bundles. With this extension, you can transform your e-commerce site from a simple shop into a full-fledged store. These added features help to encourage your customers’ loyalty and create new sales opportunities.

WooCommerce Payment Gateway Extensions

The standard WooCommerce plugin only offers two free payment gateways: PayPal and Stripe. The good news is that there are  hundreds of gateway extensions on the market. 

Are you searching for a gateway that is country-specific? Do you want to integrate an extensive POS system? If the answer to either of these question is yes, you should check out some WooCommerce payment gateway extensions. Since these extensions are provided by WooCommerce, you instantly integrate them into your site to include more payment options.

Shipping in WooCommerce

Table Rate Shipping is built by the team at WooCommerce. This is a popular extension that provides excellent flexibility in determining shipping zones and setting rates of shipping (i.e. weight, quantity, class, and others.

Advanced Fees in WooCommerce

To freely access the powerful WooCommerce Fees API, you should try out the WooCommerce Advanced Fees. The extension is great to manage complicated fee rules automatically. Fees can be added to the cart based on what is in the cart, who is buying it, or where the products are being shipped to.

VAT​​​​ In WooCommerce​

Unless you are an accountant, understanding EU taxation can be a hard nut to crack. It can become really difficult to keep up with various tax rates and prevailing regulations, especially when it’s about selling to the EU or buying from it. EU VAT Assistant  is one WooCommerce extension that makes this process a lot easier, providing you all the information that you might need to ensure proper filing of MOSS/VAT reports.

Multiple Warehouses in WooCommerce

Do you keep inventory or stock in different locations? Are you drop-shipping through various warehouses? If you are doing either of these, you might need an extension called WooCommerce Warehouses.

Warehouses helps you in managing inventory levels. This gives you an accurate and precise accounting of all the stock that is on hand in different warehouses. Also, for in-warehouse pickup, you can even arrange warehouses as different delivery points.

Membership Extensions in WooCommerce

The popularity of WooCommerce Memberships extension continues to rise as membership websites are becoming more popular. This is because such websites allow you to offer a unique experience to your clients with regards to how they access content and products. This gives you the option to include pricing tiers for different levels of membership and creates an opportunity to build your own online community.

Restrict Content Pro

If you wish to apply restrictions regarding who can purchase or even view certain products, then your best bet is to go with Restrict Content Pro. This extension offers great integration of content protection into your WooCommerce store.

WooCommerce Store Credit

Store Credit offers a great solution for store credit. The extension lets customers make use of credit vouchers for single purchases and multiple purchases. It is a handy utility for generating and emailing a credit coupon to a customer by entering their email address and the amount.

Location-Based Pricing

Even though WooCommerce has built-in geolocation, it is sometimes difficult to offer different prices based on your customer’s location. Thankfully, WooCommerce PBC can help with that.

WooCommerce PBC

With  WooCommerce PBC, location-based pricing is now a breeze. This extension enables you to show different prices based on a customer’s detected country.

Email Campaign Integration

All of the extensions mentioned so far enhance the features of your WooCommerce store. However, if you also want to integrate email marketing and marketing automation into your WooCommerce store, then here are some relevant WooCommerce extensions to help you do so.


WooCommerce MailChimp enables you to incorporate your MailChimp account with your WooCommerce shop.

Campaign Monitor

If you are a user of Campaign Monitor, you may want to incorporate Campaign Monitor for WooCommerce with your WooCommerce shop.


This will allow the user to incorporate the WooCommerce ActiveCampaign extension into your WooCommerce store.

Not Updating Woo-Commerce Extensions Can Put Your Store at Risk!

Updating multiple plugins at once can be time-consuming. However, if you avoid updating plugins regularly for this particular reason, it might put your store at risk.

Even though there are many extensions and software that help in building a more advanced website, not every platform or software is perfect. Frequently, new software has bugs that need to be fixed. This means that every improvement or update implemented for an individual aspect of your store might increase the chances of new issues or conflicts.

Whenever a new security threat is reported in WordPress, software developers usually work to resolve the issue by releasing a newer, bug-free version of their software.

Although the chances of exploitation of an unpatched security problem on your site are low, you should consider taking precautions. There are savvy hackers who will attempt to hack stores that lack crucial security updates. The chances of being hacked are even higher for stores that are multiple updates behind. That’s why it is essential to regularly update your WooCommerce themes, extensions, etc.

So what this potential hacker can do after breaking into your store?

Savvy individuals can put you at great risk. If they gain access to your store, they might attempt to steal your private data or take your store down. This not only affects your store but also affects your reputation with customers.

A store which is out-of-date can put your clients’ data at risk!

In other words, a store which doesn’t stay updated with relevant add-ons not only puts you at risk but also puts customers in jeopardy. Although WooCommerce never really takes complete credit-card information of customers, email and residential addresses are stored. This information can also be used in reverse engineering to break into the online accounts of your customers. Their sensitive, personal data may be illegally sold to spammers. Most importantly, from a customer point of view, what else could be more unnerving than the concern that private information has been randomly stolen?

What are your favorite WooCommerce extensions? We would love to know about it in the comment section below!