Seven Top-Notch Online Platforms to Learn about WordPress

WordPress is currently running around 17% of the world's web pages. It is used by both technical and non-technical users to create powerful websites. Not only has it become indispensable but it can also be learned through various online courses. If you want to know where you can learn WordPress online, read on as we discuss everything you need to know!

WordPress is now considered as an essential job skill for various jobs posted on job boards throughout the internet. The good part is it can be learned through various online resources. Forums, webinars, blogs, conferences, and videos are just some of the many ways you can educate yourself about WordPress.

But the problem is... where and how can you start learning?

Don’t worry! This is exactly where we will help you out. As you go through the list of online resources discussed later in this post, you will find multiple platforms to learn the essentials of WordPress.

A majority of platforms offer free courses and some may provide the same structured training at a relatively small price. But once you learn the software at a professional level, you will be able to sell your skills on the job market. This makes learning WordPress well worth the time and/or money investment.

So before you start searching through various online resources, first you must define what areas of WordPress you want to learn and what makes an online course the best fit for your requirements!

What areas of WordPress should you learn?

Expecting to learn everything about WordPress in a few minutes is, in fact, an unrealistic expectation. 

To get the best online course for your learning requirements, search the area you want to learn more specifically about such as a tutorial for WordPress admin or how to install WordPress. The reason to be specific in your search is to avoid the topic areas which are irrelevant to you or in which you might not have any interest.

For instance, anyone planning to launch a basic website will do just fine with a beginner’s course. Similarly, if you need to learn about plugin developments and WordPress themes, you may need to take an advanced course that dives into subjects beyond the ones offered in a beginner's course.

So once you have decided your specific learning target areas for WordPress, it’s time to examine which course is best for you!

Finding the Perfect Online Course

As you search for the best online course, you must check off some key factors. Not all of the online courses discussed below are in proper course formats. Some are YouTube channels, while others are blogs or tutorials. That is why it is best to set particular evaluation criteria to know if a WordPress learning course matches your learning style.

While you can design your own evaluation criteria, the following are some of the basic factors that you must include. They will help you in making a better choices for online courses down the road.

  • The value and content you are receiving for the price
  • Content type: articles, videos, interactive lessons
  • The skill level it is designed for
  • The quality of material provided in the course
  • The structure of the course line and if it is feasible to grasp
  • If the course comes with quizzes
  • If the content is up-to-date and includes additional downloadable material
  • How is the course accessible or if you can access it on all devices you plan to use for learning

All of these are just enough factors to look for in a good online course. As we discuss the different available online courses, we will evaluate each course on the above-listed factors. This will help you choose the online course that is best to learn the WordPress and one that covers all the specific WordPress areas you want to study.

So now let’s have a detailed look at the top seven online platforms to learn about WordPress.


WPMU DEV offers a quick and easy WordPress guide for beginners and intermediate users. While they are the providers of themes, plugins and other specific solutions, their main focus is to provide their members with the best options to make the most of their WordPress websites.

However, they also offer a comprehensive blog section that provides excellent quality content for their readers and members. Here you can find great tips and guides to get useful information about WordPress and all of its related areas. Think of a topic, and you can easily find the relevant course on this website.

If you are just starting to learn about WordPress, then you can easily understand the various aspects of WordPress by studying the provided material on their website. Regarding your evaluation checklist, some of their content is paid. However, the majority is free. The paid content may include membership, plugins, and themes. Their content is mainly article-based and offers assistance from beginners to more advanced levels.

Initially, it may be hard to look for the specific content in their blog section, but once you find it, you can be rest assured that the content is written by professionals who have rich extensive experience in WordPress. The material is easy to understand, but you may not be able to test your progress as there are no quizzes. The material is not downloadable but can be accessed on all devices.

Regarding overall value, WPMU DEV is an asset that can benefit any member of the WordPress community!


By far, Udemy is the most preferred and extensive online source to learn about WordPress. It offers training on almost every subject of WordPress. The site offers great intuitiveness and an excellent user interface that makes navigation easy for learners.

You may learn by watching videos, taking notes, checking your progress, and having resourceful discussions on forums. In addition to that, Udemy provides great course pages that support all the downloadable content, videos, and other content so that you know everything before buying a course.

The cost of the course depends on which course you opt for. The cost may range from $10 to $200. The skill level offered on Udemy ranges from beginner to advanced. The material is in video format and prepared by qualified professionals. You can oftentimes test your progress by taking the quizzes, but this may or may not be provided depending on the course.

All the courses are well-structured. However, if you want to go with top-quality material, you can look through the ratings on each course. This will help you select the best instructor and prevent you from stumbling upon poor material or instructors. The content is up-to-date and is easily downloadable (in some courses). This online source holds high value and is a first preference when it comes to WordPress learning. All the content is easily accessible on your mobile as well as TV.


WP101 offers medium-paced and easy-to-learn videos about the fundamentals of WordPress. This online source is more preferred for intermediate learners and not beginners. The platform offers WordPress learning through videos. WP101 is best for all the users (content creators and bloggers) who want to make a switch to WordPress or who have recently started their own websites.

In comparison to Udemy, WP101 does not offer an extensive list of WordPress topics. The most basic courses that you find here may include a Jetpack tutorials, introduction to WordPress, WooCommerce tutorials, Yoast SEO tutorials, etc.

The site is preferable for learners who need more structured tutorials with specific learning areas. You may find the course selection at WP101 quite sparse. However, you can also opt for the paid membership subscription which offers up-to-date tutorials and even ones for new WordPress features that aren't even released yet.

One basic reason to choose WP101 is that it offers lifetime access for just a small fee. For a beginner, this is indeed a perfect choice. The fee ranges from $19 to $79 for different plans. The offered skill level is mostly intermediate with a few beginner courses as well. The content is provided in the form of articles, blogs, and videos. The material is professionally designed and well-structured. The presenters are experienced, but you may not be able to check your progress through quizzes or download the content. However, the available material is accessible on all devices. As a beginner, you don’t need to pay a high cost to access a number of videos tutorials, but you might need to wait a bit for the newer videos to get released.


This is another professional and high-quality option to learn WordPress as a beginner. With this platform, you can easily learn coding essentials through various formalized transcriptions, videos, and forum boards. Treehouse also offers a ‘workspace’ from which you can easily start coding your own website.

The platform is best for web developers and designers. With Treehouse, you get easy navigation and a beautiful design. It offers a range of WordPress learning courses. While some are designed to facilitate the developers, others are aimed at novices. The best part about Treehouse is that it offers different outcomes, learning objectives, downloads, workshops, and quizzes.

You get an active forum where you can have a discussion with other learners or professionals and benefit from the knowledge of industry leaders. You can check out their professional work and set a benchmark for your skill set.

To check off the evaluation criteria set earlier, the cost of using this online source usually starts at $25/month and goes up to $49/month. The offered skill level ranges from beginner to advance, and you can learn through extensively written guides as well as videos. The courses are professionally designed, and you can easily check your progress by taking quizzes and challenges that come with each course.

You can also download the up-to-date course material at any time. The overall value of this online resource is high, and you can access it on all media devices.


This online resource is well recognized for offering the most professional WordPress learning platform. It is rich in features and offers high-quality learning courses. The training videos also come with course files, transcripts, and FAQs that provide options for a diverse range of learning styles.

Indeed, Lynda is a full-breadth resource and training library for web development, web design, professional skills, and other sub-segments. To help you develop all the required skills for WordPress, it offers you everything you might need. This includes everything from UX design to the core language, project management, content management, server infrastructure, and other essential topics.

The factor that makes Lynda a valuable online resource to learn WordPress is the broader depth and range of WordPress and supporting courses. The platform covers all the market segments and provides a holistic learning experience. If you are having a problem with choosing one learning platform, you can always rely on Lynda. The categories offered by Lynda include web development, 3D animation, CAD, business, photography, videography, and others.

You may also find a complete collection about ‘how to learn WordPress’ online courses and use it with other downloadable material. Since the content material you get with Lynda is unparalleled, you might not find Lynda all that inexpensive.

The cost ranges from $19.99 - $29.99/month. The offered skill level is from beginner to advanced. The content is available as transcripts or video and is prepared by professionals. You can also check your learning progress by taking quizzes. You can always search Lynda to get up-to-date material in a downloadable format, which can be accessed on all media devices. The best part is that you can also access content offline, without needing internet connectivity.

WP Apprentice

This platform is ideal for individuals who are planning to start a website for the very first time in their lives. This is best for non-technical people who prefer to have their sites managed by a professional developer. On this platform, you can find some basic level tutorials. WP Apprentice is usually free of cost.

On the flip side, you can also opt for intermediate level courses like WordPress theme mechanics webinar’ that help you learn the inner workings of WordPress.

It also offers a decent blog for beginners. The online courses offered at WP Apprentice enable you to develop your website and run it smoothly without any hitches. Among many offered courses, the most basic courses include Business Website Blueprint, WordPress Essentials, and WordPress Quick Start.

If you choose to go with the WordPress essential bundle, you can start as a beginner and slowly get into the more intermediate level content. If you have to choose between WP 101 and WP Apprentice, WP 101 may provide you with the same material at less cost than WP Apprentice.

From an evaluation point of view, the starting cost of this platform is $47 for a lifelong pass. However, you can also get additional bundles at $99 and $147. The skill level is for beginners, but some videos are at an intermediate level. For articles, you can access their blog section and for tutorials, there is a video section with numerous tutorials.

Also, the courses are well structured and professionally designed. However, you may not have the option to check your progress. The good news is that courses are comprehensive, and you can download worksheets of the up-to-date content. You can also access content on all media devices. The overall value of this platform is good for beginners but not for those more advanced at WordPress.


If you have been searching for an online course to learn WordPress, you must have come across WPBeginner. The platform offers everything that you want to know about WordPress plugins along with thousands of relevant blogs. If you choose to go with WPBeginner, you must know clearly what you are looking for as it offers a lot of content.

The platform also has a YouTube channel and video section, but you may not find the provided content properly structured in a course format. Indeed, WPBeginner is rich in tutorials and blogs. For instance, if you need assistance to disable a widget, you can easily find some blog or relevant information about that topic.

When you search anything about WordPress, you will find this platform shows up as one of the top search results in Google. The platform is best to serve the learning requirements of advanced WordPress learners, but for a beginner, the site's navigation may seem like a mess.

The site is free to use, and you don’t have to pay anything to access all of the content. The material is relevant both for beginners as well intermediate WordPress learners. You may also get some advanced level material both on their YouTube channel and blog section.

The courses are presented by experienced professionals, but you cannot check your progress by taking quizzes. You may not find the course material well-structured because it is structured more like an open-source platform for WordPress content. The content is, however, easy to comprehend. The website mostly offers products and themes to download but not course material itself. The material is accessible on all devices and is up-to-date. It is best for getting helpful hints needed for quick fixes and to get instant solutions for WordPress-related concerns.

Wrapping Up

Previously, the only way to learn WordPress was by hacking your way out of the Codex. While this approach can still be used and is admirable, there are a lot of better options nowadays to choose from, including the top seven options discussed above. While they are not only the instant solutions for your WordPress learning requirements, they all do help you save a good amount of time.

All of these platforms provide high-value assistance in learning WordPress. They generally all cover a wide range of skill levels by providing top-notch learning content. Each one of these platforms offer different distinctive features.

For instance, if you prefer affordability, then Udemy is better in comparison to Lynda. Similarly, for beginners, WP101 is a great option. For high-quality content, Lynda is the best bet for you. Since there are hundreds of online platforms, sample them all and find the one that offers you the teaching method and style that works best for you.

But remember that none of these resources will take away from the power of trial and error. In fact, this is the best manner to learn anything thoroughly. Moreover, as you continue to learn the basics and then advanced level material through any of these platforms, try to apply the material you have learned so far.

So which learning platform is your best match? We would love to know how you are tackling your WordPress learning needs! Also, do let us know about your experience with any online courses for WordPress.

Get in touch with us in the comment section below and give us a chance to know you better!

April 25, 2018

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