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In highly competitive corporate market, almost every business owner understands the importance of speeding up their WordPress site. 47% of the customers want their web pages to come up in 2 seconds or less. Even a one second delay could lead to a dramatic 7% drop in site traffic conversions.

Boosting your WordPress site

  • Monitor the performance of your website : It is vital to analyze the current site speed and how quick it loads. To figure out the data, you can utilize the best performance checking software and tools that let you determine many significant aspects related to your website speed, including overall page size, loading time, etc. Additionally, it also brings your WordPress site a score purely based on how quick the website performs.
  • Try a more rapid web host : Bring on board the best web hosting experts who provide a reliable hosting plan with good server resources. This step will result in enhanced website performance.
  • Prefer caching plug-in : Most of the useful WordPress plugins fall under caching category. The caching plugins drastically improve the loading time of your site page. There are many simple to use and free plugins, so you can try the best one to receive positive results.
  • Compress the images : Images play a vital role in increase the readability and user engagement. Even images are useful, as they will slow down your website speed. To overcome that, you can compress the images before adding them to your WordPress blogs.