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WordPress CRM Plugins

You should track your customers to communicate with them, as well as grow your online business. However, if your customer information is not organized, and you don’t have a WordPress CRM plugin for that purpose, you will be missing many chances of communicating with them. Also, you will miss great chances of growing your business.

Most online businesses are always searching for plugins to use as a CRM system. But, WordPress users are lucky to have top CRM plugins for interaction with their customers. These include:

Here are 10 best CRM Plugins

1. PressPoint

Presspoint is the earliest extension developed for WordPress. The main advantage of using this plugin is that it will track user registration in real-time. When the customer updates any information, it will create user directories.

Presspoint plugin offers you with email automation, as well as functions such as e-commerce, custom forms, and customer management. Besides this, as a WordPress user, you can make customized directories and profiles.


For enhanced communication with your customers and easier business management, this plugin offers strong accounting & management, HR manager, and CRM abilities. Indeed, it is a full business manager for all WordPress users. Being a free WordPress plugin, it offers easy employee management for your company, which includes detailed employee profile, Email notifications, and HR Report, and many more.

You can handle all your customers with its advanced customer management functionality. You can use filters & segments for your customers in any way you like.

3. WP Fusion

As the name suggests, this plugin joins many WordPress plugins with CRM, as well as marketing automation sites. Further, this plugin uses tags in your CRM for tracking of customer engagement and their activities on your website.

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4. Ninja Forms

This plugin is entirely free to form builders in WordPress. This tool is contact form creation tool to build forms within minutes in WordPress. This plugin is simple yet powerful where you can design complex forms with absolutely no code.

Website developers can use their hooks & filters with custom field templates. Also, it has no limits on the number of activities, emails, fields, forms, and submissions.

5. Zero BS WordPress CRM

This is a simple, free, and swift plugin for WordPress CRM. It can be used for easier management of customer relationships that has more earnings. Now, you can host your own CRM & choose features for very little money and make invoices for your customers and maintain quotes completely free.

It comes with the following extension codes like Gravity Forms, mail campaigns, PayPal Sync & Woo Sync.

6. Elementor Page Builder

Besides being a great plugin for page building, it does not have limitations on any design. Also, this plugin provides high-end page designs and higher abilities to WordPress users. You can just drag & drop the elements which reduce the time it takes to design.

7. Brilliant web to lead for salesforce

It assists in connecting your WordPress site to the Salesforce account. Managing leads that matched with your website is easier, after synching your site with the Salesforce account. Still, adding forms to your pages and posts is easier with this plugin. You can easily configure the form and insert the shortcode in the post or page you want to display the form.


This a convenient plugin in WordPress is used for enhanced user management. Besides that, it makes the creation of contact forms and tracing of incoming shortcode form messages easier.

Overall, this plugin is intended to improve user management significantly. WordPress CRM allows you to manage projects by assigning tasks to individuals, tracking marketing campaigns, and many more.

9. UpiCRM

A free solution that functions with contact form plugins to get and gauge leads in WordPress. Further, it is an ideal plugin for a WordPress website, for management and storage of all forms of entries received from any forms plugin in your website.

10. Hubspot all-in-one marketing

This plugin is free and good for getting the lead and growing your email list. Besides that, it is an extensive plugin with tools such as live chat, integrated free contact database, pop-ups, and forms.

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These plugins are ideal when it comes to tracking information of all your customers. Besides that, a CRM offers you the functionality of keeping your data in one storage place. In addition, you can gather and manage data in line with your needs, using a good WordPress CRM plugin.

If you have any comment, question, or suggestion from experience of the above CRM plugins, use the comment section.