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The Best WordPress Plugin Checker & Theme Detector Choices Available Now

The most asked question in the WordPress community is- Which theme and plugins do that website use?  Often, you trip across various websites that have effective functionality, attractive design, and all other things that we desire to establish on your website.

You are not supposed to be technical to apply functionality that someone else is using on their WordPress website.

You can see the plugins used on another website using WP plugin checkers. After that, you can use similar plugins on your website. Or, you can find the themes used on a website using a theme detector. 

Why should you use hours researching on the plugin a WordPress website is using?

You can do so in seconds using a plugin and theme detector.

How to determine if a Website is built on WordPress

You should at first ensure that WP is being used to build that website. You should determine this before using any tool to detect plugins or themes the site is using.  

Here are the means you can use to do so:

Locate the login URL

Find the login URL( of that site to see if it directs you to a WordPress login screen. If this is the case, then that website used WordPress. However, if that’s not the case, and you receive a 404 error page, that site was probably not made on WP. 

Nonetheless, the webmaster might have relocated the login screen to another URL. Therefore, this method does not always detect whether a website used WP or not. 

Examine the Source Code

To examine the source code of a site, go to the homepage of that site, right- click it, and then choose View Page Source.

After that, perform the source code page search for “WP-content.” If this displays all through the source code, then that website used WordPress.

It should display many times on any WP website’s source code. For example, 156 on the diagram is the number of WordPress with it.

 After determining that a website used WordPress. You can now find out the exact themes and other add-on's the website is using with the help of plugin detector. 

Best WordPress Plugin Checkers and Theme Detectors

Here is a list of WordPress plugin and theme detectors to help you get an overview of your favorite WordPress websites.

Sometimes, you might not come across each theme and plugin for each tool. Thus, you should use a few or all to have a detailed list of things used on a particular website. 

1. WordPress Theme Detector by Satori
8 best wordpress plugin checkers

This detector is specifically made to check for themes only. Friends at Satori Studio developed this tool, known as WordPress Theme Detector. This tool differs from others due to its minimalist way of showcasing the outcomes.

It only provides the most important information,i.e., scanned theme’s name, its author, version, a short description, and the legal homepage.

The rationale behind this detector is that whenever an individual wants to know the WP theme that a specific website uses, they probably want to learn more about it or purchase.

So, this detector provides users with vital information that they want to know. This comprises of the theme’s data and a link that leads to the parent theme’s homepage.

This tool says it can function even with the most disfigured instances like websites utilizing CSS minification plugins that ensure the source code has no most theme information.

If a website utilizes a highly modified theme, cannot get accessed, or it does not utilize WordPress in any way, then this detector displays a specific message notifying the user on a particular kind of problem.

Besides that, this tool makes the search process much easier. You can avoid adding the “http://” or “https://” bit to scanned URLs because the tool will do so automatically.

The most important thing about Satori is that it will never be outdated because the developer team is always updating this detector. Thus, it will always inform you of a theme that a WP website is using even if it's new.

2. WP Plugin Checker
It is a simple add-on that inspects for plugins only. This tool only checks for major add-on's that are installed on a WP site. A Swedish web agency known as Earth People created this tool.
However, this tool has some limitations.  At the moment, it can only inform you whether a site has plugins installed and they are available on the official WP directory’s 50 top add-on's.  In case a plugin is not available in that of the list of 50 top add-on's, then this tool is not of any help to you.
However, this tool will offer you information that you require if you are searching for any of the most common add-on's used on WordPress websites.
3. WordPress Theme and Plugins Detector (Chrome add-on)
This tool looks for both add-on's and themes. Also, it might be the easiest to-sue detector on this list. Reason being, this tool is a Chrome add-on that unearths the theme and other add-on's installed on a WP website and showcases strong information regarding them.
The detection of add-on's is carried out on a remote server which then transfers the outcome to your browser.
You do not require to copy and paste the URL of the site in question then carry out the search because you only need to click the Chrome add-on when browsing on any WordPress site.  You can perform all that with just one click.
If Chrome is your browser, then this add-on is a must use, as it lets you see the plugins and themes that a WP website is utilizing within seconds.
Facing any WP related issues, you can consult WordPress Experts.
4. SoftwareFindr
This tool looks for themes only. Also, it is available online for free, and it lets you to easily known if a website is powered by WordPress or not. In addition, SoftwareFindr theme detector allows you to see the theme’s name, author, description, practical tags, version, and others.
When utilizing this tool, vital information can get connected, enabling you to look for a design that resembles the one you noticed. Moreover, this tool is fast and easier to use. You just copy and paste the URL of the website you want to examine.

Who can use this tool?

Anyone who wants to know if a certain website is powered by WordPress.

What are its main features?

- Instant examining.

- Fast access to top themes that are recommended by actual users.

- Linkable theme tags which indicate the perfect way to search other alternatives.

5. WhoIsWP
WhoIsWP is a great digital detection tool that helps you find out the themes and plugins a WordPress website uses. You can get a quick trial by just copying and pasting the URL of any WP site in this tool’s search box.  Wait for instant examination.

6. WordPress Theme Search

what wordpress theme is that

This tool is also known as What WordPress Theme Is That (WWPTIT), and it checks for both themes and other add-on's. Besides that, WP Theme Search tool is available online for free, and it allows you to unearth the theme that any WordPress website is using, inclusive of the child and parent themes.

Also, it goes further to search for WP plugins that the website uses.

7. ScanWP
Scan WP is a top-quality WordPress theme detector. Thus, this tool has the ability to unmask the many themes and plugins that a particular WP website is using. You only need to type the URL of the WordPress website you want to know about, and it does the rest.
Also, this tool provides a lot of information regarding WP websites, which comprises of:

1. Direct link to buy or download the plugin.

2. The price of every plugin if it is not available for free.

3. All add-on's that the site uses.

4. Direct link to the purchase place of the theme.

5. The version of the theme a site is using.

6. Place of theme purchase.

7. Tags linked to the theme.

8. The price of theme a site is using.

9. Name of the WordPress theme in use.

8. WP Theme Detector
wp theme detector
WP Theme Detector is also known as WPTD, and it lets you have a view of the type of themes and plugins a certain WP website is utilizing.
It is easier to use, as you only need to enter the URL of the website you admire, and then hit the enter button. The tool will then perform an analysis of the link and show the themes and plugins the website is using.
Furthermore, WPTD offers you with a lot of information, such as theme being used, and where the theme was bought for easier search. This works for both traditional themes, as well as drag & drop WP themes.
In regard to plugins, this tool will inform you about the add-on's being used on the website, where you can download them, about their popularity, and where a premium version is available for purchase.
If you are facing any Themes & plugins related issues, you can take WP Plugin & Themes Maintenance Services.

Final Thought

All the above WordPress theme detectors and plugin examiners can provide you with all the materials you require to discover the themes and plugins being used on your favorite WordPress websites. Thus, there is no need of guess work.
Finally, you can easily and quickly create your WP website with the help of these tools, as they will save your time on making a new plugin from scratch, or performing heavy research on materials you require.