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The greatest way to earn money online is by showing ads on your website. One of the most popular and easiest ad platforms to help you monetize your website is GoogleAdSense. Google runs this ad platform, which let site owners display ads on their blogs and websites with ease.

The target of the ads is the content of your site and the behavior and history of your visitors. Also, they are cost-per-click (CPC), meaning you get paid when an ad on your website gets clicked. Therefore, installing a Google AdSense plugin will prove to be beneficial for you.  

Benefits offered by Google AdSense Plugins:

  • Timely payout: You will get paid after every 30days after reaching the $100 payment threshold.
  • Credibility of your company: You will not face problems with company credibility and payment because you will be receiving payment from Google. Also, receiving a cheque from Google is a fantastic encounter.
  • Many Ad types: Various kinds of ads might work better, based on your niche and type of website. These ads include video, rich media, text, and image.

Is it worth to monetize your website through AdSense?

Throughout the internet, you will find a lively debate on this topic. While some are making a six-figure income from AdSense, some claim it as a waste of time.

However, your chances of earning a higher income are high, if you have high traffic website of keyword rich content. In addition, your revenue is impacted by these factors:

  • Volume and quality of the traffic you are receiving on your website.
  • The location of ads on your website.
  • Both size and type of ads displayed on your site.

Nevertheless, you should first create an AdSense account with Google. After approval, combine it with your blog or website. But, if you have a WordPress website, a WordPress AdSense plugin will help you achieve that without struggling. To help you in choosing the best, here are the best WordPress Google AdSense plugins:

1. Google AdSense by BestWebSoft

This plugin is useful when it comes to adding AdSense ads on your website. Besides that, it is a freemium plugin. This means you can use it for free, but accessing advanced features requires you to upgrade to the premium version. Although the premium version is great, the free version is enough to fit your needs, because it comes with many important features.

After installing and activating this plugin, you must give your AdSense publisher ID for authorization of the plugin. After that, you are free to choose all customization choices to display ads.

Further, this plugin lets you add ads into your widget, tags, categories, custom posts, homepage, and posts. Also, you can select the format for every kind of ad, with formatting options being square, vertical, and horizontal resolutions.

Also, it offers various positions for displaying your advertisements. Finally, it provides the option of choosing custom colors for your ads, and that of using the settings page to add custom codes.

2. Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter is a free to use plugin that has many pro features. Although Ad Inserter is a simple ad plugin, it supports all types of ads. Also, apart from supporting AdSense ads, it is compatible with provisional rotating banner ads, Media.net ads, and Amazon Native Shopping ads.

Furthermore, this plugin allows you to show ads in different locations, which include before title, chosen paragraph and before & after content among others. Also, the plugin can select ad locations on your behalf if you are using automatic display option.

The option of inserting AMP ads, header scripts, opt-in forms and others are extra attractive features of this plugin. Besides that, it supports PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Moreover, it offers you built-in ad-tracking and analytics features.

Also, you can customize your ads. Either display them to all users, or logged in users.

3. Easy Google AdSense

Easy Google AdSense is best if you are not ready to handle the technicalities associated with creating AdSense on your site & if you want an easier automated solution for the task. All you need is installing the plugin, and you are set to go. Besides this, if you are a beginner looking for a means of monetizing your website through AdSense, this plugin is suitable for you.

After installing the plugin, you will only need to go to the settings page, and API key-in your AdSense Publisher ID. As a result, Google will automatically display ads at a maximum time to ensure total performance.

4. WP in Post Ads

WP in Post Ads plugins is a strong ad management system that is rich in features. This plugin enables you to easily display your ads in specific areas, which includes after some specified number of paragraphs, end of the post, and after the title of the post among others. Besides this, it utilizes shortcodes to showcase all ads. Thus, you can place ads wherever you want on the WordPress website.

Additional features of this plugin include the option of showing or hiding ads after a specified duration. Also, you can choose where to display your ads randomly. This feature let you test and determine the location that is perfect for complete ads performance. Besides that, it has an option of showing particular ads that are targeted at particular posts. Therefore, it ensures everything is within the topic.

5. Meks Easy Ads Widget

Among the spontaneous and direct WordPress AdSense plugins is Meks Easy Ads Widget. As the name indicates, this plugin uses widgets to show ads on your website. Further, you will be using easier drag &drop ad widgets on the sidebar of your website for visitors to see. Moreover, this plugin is designed to assist you in selecting both image and text-based ads. Even so, it does not support video ads. Also, its design is beginner-friendly, and its user interface is among the most spontaneous features.

6. Advanced Ads

One of the most popular and top-rated WordPress AdSense plugins is Advanced Ads. Apart from supporting Google AdSense, this plugin is suitable for use with nearly all ad kinds and networks. Besides that, among the most attractive features of this plugin are the automated AdSense violation checks that ensure you are not violating Google terms.

Other attractive features of this plugin are the option of setting expiry date, schedule ads, and rotate ads, as well as creating and displaying limitless ad units. Also, it allows you to target ads depending on user groups and content, leading to greater performance of your ads. Besides that, it has a functionality of preventing ad blockers from breaking your website if plugin scripts are functioning.

7. WP simple AdSense Insertion

This plugin is great for manually adding ads all over your WordPress content. To assist you in placing ads at your exact preferred location, this plugin utilizes the shortcode functionality in WordPress. Also, it provides the option of calling PHP functions in your theme’s template files to manually set the ads. Irrespective of all that, the most essential and selling feature of this plugin is that it’s capable of saving a max of 1 to 3 Google AdSense codes.

 This lets you place several ads via shortcodes throughout your website. Also, it has the option of automatically inserting in-article ad codes at the end or in the middle of a post.

8. WP Pro Advertising System

Besides being a premium ads management plugin, it provides 18 strategic areas to assist you in showcasing ads on your website. Also, it has a detailed statistic area where you will see the performance of every ad. This is important in helping you enhance your campaign, as well as maximizing your profits.

Also, this plugin features a unique functionality known as background ads. It lets you display ads like your content background. Moreover, it is compatible with other plugins, such as the Revolution Slider and Visual Composer, which allows you to display ads sliders or visuals. 

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One of the simplest ways of monetizing your website is through Google AdSense monetization. However, if you are running a WordPress website, you can avoid the hustle associated with AdSense ad management using any of the above Google AdSense plugins. Further, you can take help from our WordPress Experts to manage these plugins.

If you have some questions or comment on the topic, use the comment section. We would like to hear about your experience with these plugins!