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Google Shopping Ads For WooCommerce

Have you ever noticed the small image-based product ads on top when you search something on Google? Those are the Google Shopping ads. Google Shopping ads allow you to highlight your products directly above traditional outcomes. Combining WooCommerce with Google Shopping will help you drive more sales by giving increased exposure to your goods.

If you're an online seller, all you want is excellent visibility for your product. If you are already in campaigns of Google Ads, then Google Shopping is a no-brainer. Google shopping is much closer to your customers, and they're famous for that reason.

We'll show you how Google Shopping works in this article. Instead, in three steps, we will teach you how to set up Google Shopping Ads for WooCommerce.

What is Google shopping​ ads?

Google Shopping is a platform that enables merchants to find the products from their store when customers search on Google for them. Unlike traditional text ads in Google Search, shopping ads show an attention-grabbing ad that includes a picture of the product and other useful data. This provides customers a great preview to help them make decisions about purchases directly as they search.

Through Google Shopping ads, the search engine aims to attract shoppers to your store using the top area of Google search results. In conclusion, the ad serves as a visual marketing tool to attract online audiences towards the product you want to sell.

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If you own a WordPress website, then you also can make use of the WooCommerce plugin and take advantage of Google Shopping ads. The WooCommerce plugin allows your site to have an option of trade, and visitors can buy and sell through it. If you are selling with WooCommerce, your products can appear in the Google Shopping ads too. Extensions like WooCommerce Google Product Feed assist you in doing so. 

Effects of G​oogle Shopping Ads

Google Shopping ads have been among the tools that give the highest response to the stores. It is effective to post free ads on Google before the other Google text Ads. So, if you are searching for a product on Google, you will first see image-based shopping ads. Isn’t finding what you are looking for right at the top convenient? 

In addition, shopping ads contain the necessary information that customers often look for. They mention the product title, and the prices are being offered at, some reviews, and promotions, if any. This product data feed, along with the image, is often enough to sway customers towards any store.

You can control the all Google products information displayed. In addition, you can alter it as per your liking. The controls available help you in attracting customers as customers get to see exactly what they have been searching for. The likeliness of a sale happening increases with these measures.

Advantages of ​​​​Google Shopping Ads

When compared to regular text-based ads, Google Shopping Ads have certain advantages that make them the preferable option.

  • The image option in Shopping ads make them visibly attractive, and customers are likely to click on the product. The image helps customers to find out if the product is what they were looking for.
  • Price is also mentioned on the details with the image. A click on the ad means that the visitor was interested in it and the click could have been converted into sales.
  • Your Shopping ads will be visible at more places on the results pages of the search engine. This increased visibility means higher views and clicks.
  • Spend on shopping ads is typically the same as cost per click ads if you were to pay in a non-brand search engine. However, your conversion rates will be higher.

Excellent advice is to run the Google Shopping ads campaign along with the regular text ads to make most of the opportunity and attract more audience.

How does google shoppping works

Google Shopping is allowed by Google Merchant Center and Google Ads. These two necessary products by Google help yopu to get your ads which has posted on Google shopping. Google merchant Center helps you to organize your product informations in the way Google shopping requirements. To get a showcase it simplifies your process. We'll further discuss the same information. Google Ads once again help to set up and concentrate on target audiences and execute ads directly where target audiences can be obtained.

Here are the following factors plays an important role for a successful Google Shopping ad campaigns:

  • Creation and optimization of Product Feed: It's important to create a Google Product Feed to keep your communication to Google simple and explicit. You can create a product feed using one of the popular plugins for a WooCommerce platform. You can also manually create a feed of a product.
  • Local advertisements: Google Shopping even supports local stores in posting their ads and gaining a good clientele. 
  • Safe Payments: Like all other eStores, Google Shopping allows buyers to pay and deliver via Google Express using Android payments.
  •  Advertising: Google Shopping is implying dynamic remarketing. It's an effective way to highlight advertising based on previous stores visits.

Creating a Feed of Your Products

The product feed you make has to be complete and accurate before you sync it with Google Merchant Center account . Following are the required details that you should mention in the feed:

  • Title of the product
  • Brief description
  • Image
  • Price
  • Brand Name
  • SKU Allotment
  • Global trade item number
  • Product Category

Furthermore, if your product comes under apparel or accessories category, then you should also mention the color, material, size, gender and pattern on the product.

In conclusion, you should add as many details as possible in the product description so that customers become familiar with the product features in one glance.

The feed you will make is supported in two formats; plain text format (.txt) and Extensible Markup Language format (.xml).

To create a feed, you can follow the two methods mentioned below:

  • Via the WooCommerce extension which will automatically generate the feed according to the data on your WordPress website and sync it with Google.
  • Manually making the feed by using a Google Sheet file or exporting a spreadsheet file to Google.

The WooCommerce Google Product Feed is an excellent and convenient option when it comes to creating a feed. You can find it on the official WooCommerce website. The extension is entirely reliable and updated regularly to avoid any possible glitches and breaches. The customer, email support system, is always active and is a solid option to be used.

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How Does WooCommerce Work?

The automated sync option of WooCommerce is easy-to-use and works effectively to get your feed synced with Google. You can have complete control of what you want to display on the search engine and which fields to include. The feed gets generated automatically, and you don’t have to do much work in getting the required format and details to Google. 


With the WooCommerce extension, you can also add extra details about your product and mention any variations in terms of stock-keeping units (SKUs). You can apply categories to your product which will affect all the products in it. Moreover, you can set default settings for all your products.

If you have any WooCommerce issues, you can take WooCommerce support services from WordPress experts

Steps for Running Google Shopping Ads with WooCommerce

Follow the steps below, and you will be able to promote your products with Google Shopping Ads:

  • Get the WooCommerce Google Product Feed extension for your website
  • Log in to your account and go to wp/admin. Follow to WooCommerce and then to setting and select WordPress Product Feed to select the details you want to publish for your product.
  • Create a Google Merchant Center Account. The account will generate unique code. Paste this code into your website’s theme file and verify URL
    Go through the setup to auto-generate an operational feed. Add the feed’s URL to the Google account.
  • By linking your Google Merchant Center account with Adwords account, you can start running your new Google shopping campaign online.

Keep updating and analyzing the performance of your ads and make the necessary changes to optimize the results you want to gain from the ad campaign.


Generating a Google Product feed is a process to your Google brand popularity, which is the most popular search engine and comparison site available for products. Going to make use of the Google Merchant center, raising your brand awareness, and increasing your online retail store sales. Google Shopping ads can do wonders for you if you get it right. It is essential that you learn WooCommerce and make the most out of your online presence. It's crucial to generate error-free Google product feeds to optimized results on Google Shopping.


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