What’s next after subscribing WP care plan?

After subscribing to any of our plans, you will receive an invoice at the e-mail ID provided by you. Also, you will be redirected to a page where you will be securely sharing the login credentials of your site. Then, we will be setting up the services, such as maintenance, backups, and upgradation of core files and plugins. Within 24-48 hours, we will be starting an audit on your site and will be sharing our improvement suggestions with you.

However, the speed enhancement of the site can take up to a week as we will be optimizing core files as well as themes and plugins properly. We believe in delivering the best services without compromising on your site’s speed.

Moreover, you will be witnessing improvements on your site from time to time.

What do you need in order to provide support on my site?

Once you are done with the purchasing of our WordPress care plans, we will ask for your WordPress Administrator and hosting login details, so that, we could connect with your site. We will then be providing the services. And you need not to worry, as we keep our customer’s data completely private.

Do you provide unlimited WordPress tasks? What types of tasks are included in it?

Yes, we do provide unlimited WordPress tasks. Our unlimited tasks include content editing of your site and changing settings of plugins or themes. Whereas, our unlimited tasks do not include custom development tasks, graphic designing, building a new website or subdomain and PSD to WordPress conversion. Have a look at specific examples which can help you understand better –

Example 1

  • Included: You would like us to add new products or catalogue of products to your Woocommerce site.
  • Not Included: You would like us to create a custom checkout process for your Woocommerce site.

Example 2

  • Included: You would like us to replace the logo on your site with the one provided by you.
  • Not Included: You would like us to edit your logo.

Example 3

  • Included: You would like us to replace the current content on your site’s page with the one provided by you.
  • Not Included: You would like us to write or develop content for your site’s pages.

We do provide custom development separately. Such projects are covered as hourly work and you can get a quote for your project by contacting us at jay@helpbot.net or info@helpbot.net

How do I communicate with my support agent?

We have our customers in our Hearts. If you still have any query or question in your mind, you can communicate with us at support@helpbot.net.

How many development hours do you provide per month?

We provide 10 Development Hours per month under our ProMaster plan and 20 Development hours per month under our Superbot care plan.

Whereas, under the WPCare plan, we provide only support and maintenance services.

What if I am not able to utilise all the development hours assigned to me per month?

You need not to worry about this issue. We understand your problem and hence, your unutilized development hours will be carried forward to the next month. However, this will be valid upto 2 months only. After that, your unutilized development hours will be lapsed.

What if my task exceeds the time limit of 30 minutes?

Our team of experts will analyse your task and will inform you about the time required to complete the task. The extra hours will be deducted from the monthly hours allotted to you according to your plan. Don’t Worry, We will start the task only after you show us the green signal.

What is your resolution time?

We try to respond and resolve the issues as soon as possible. However, this resolution time may vary depending on the time of the day or day of the week. A maximum number of single ticket issues are resolved within 24 hours (12 Hours for Superbot plan). However, certain time consuming tasks like complex edits, may take a little longer and we will inform you about that.

Do you provide hosting?

Yes, we do provide 100% dedicated WordPress hosting. To make your site run as fast and smooth as possible, we provide hosting packages starting from $299.

I already have a hosting provider. Can you still help me?

Of course we can! We are flexible to work with any hosting provider. However, if we encounter any issues with your current hosting provider, then we will give you recommendations.

Do you offer Money Back guarantee?

Yes, We do offer a 100% money back guarantee. We will leave no stone unturned to keep you happy with our services. If you are not satisfied with our services, then we will respectfully ask you to give us a chance to make things right. Even after that, if you are not satisfied, then we will refund your money.

What kind of security coverage do you provide?

We have partnered with Itheme Security Pro to provide security to your website. Take up our ProMaster Care Plan or SuperBot Care Plan, and we will implement this plugin according to your site, so that, no conflict occurs. We keep a watchful eye on our customers’ sites for any security-related issues. Moreover, we provide SSL certificate installation, Database Protection, Daily Malware Scans, and Brute Force Protection, so that, your site is secured and not attacked by hackers. To read more about how we provide WordPress Security, click here.

My website got hacked. Can Helpbot fix it?

Yes, Helpbot can definitely fix it. If you are not a member of our monthly Care plans, then we will do our best to clean up your site and put it back together. However, the degree of restoration can vary according to the last back up taken of the site and how malicious the attack was.

Do you clean up malware?

We do clean up the malware. Moreover, we diagnose the site for any vulnerable areas and fix them, so that, you do not face any issues in the future. All this is covered under all of our plans.

What happens if a plugin or theme breaks my site? Does it cost extra to fix it?

We will notify you about the issue, and the site will be rolled back to the backup state. After that, we will be performing the required tasks to troubleshoot the problems. We will try to fix your site as soon as possible.

The majority of such issues are fixed free of cost under our care plans.  However, for certain time-consuming issues, the extra time utilized in it will be deducted from the monthly time allotted to you. Don’t worry, we will notify you about the time deductions beforehand.

Do you maintain Woocommerce websites?

Yes, We do maintain Woocommerce sites under our specially curated ProMaster and SuperBot plans. No matter what product you are selling, we will happily maintain your website!

Can multiple websites be managed under one plan?

At helpbot, a single care plan covers a single site. If you have multiple sites, then you have to purchase a separate plan for each site. Moreover, we consider subdomains of a site as separate sites. For example, helpbot.net and xyz.helpbot.net are treated as two different sites and you have to purchase a separate plan for each site. Moreover, you can choose a different plan for each site.

Do you offer WordPress custom development separately?

Yes, We do offer WordPress Custom development separately from our Care Plans. No task is too big or small for us at Helpbot, and thus, feel free to contact us at jay@helpbot.net or info@helpbot.net. You can share your project needs, and our team of technical experts will analyze it. They will detail you about the time required to complete it. Once you have approved everything, then only we will start working on it.