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The Best Online Platforms to Learn About WordPress

    WordPress is currently running around 17% of the world's web pages. Above all, both technical and non-technical users use it to create powerful websites. Besides, it has become indispensable and can get learned through various online courses. Do you want to know where you can learn WordPress online? Read on[...]
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    How to Add WordPress Google AdSense to Your Site

      Every WordPress site can generate passive income through advertisements. This is the best way to monetize your site. But, if you do not want to clutter your site with an array of marketing ads, then Google AdSense is your best bet. Also, with Ad Sense, your revenue is just a[...]
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      What You Should Know About the Gutenberg WordPress Editor

        Many website volunteers and contributors are now using the latest Gutenberg WordPress editor. Yet, their goal is simple- To make ‘adding rich content to WordPress’ a more enjoyable and smoother experience.Gutenberg WordPress editor will be among the most integral aspects of WordPress core. But, what does it even mean for website[...]
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        PHP 7.4

        The New and Improved Features of PHP 7.2.0

          The new release of PHP 7.2.0 includes lots of great additions. It offers more features, new improvements, and better functionality. It enables the user to write better code and to use several interesting language features like never before. In this post, we will look at the newest aspects introduced in[...]
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          Why you should observe Competitor’s WordPress Plugins and Themes

            In today’s competitive environment, it is imperative that you look at your competitor’s website.  This will help you gain a competitive edge! So why should you know all about your competitor’s WordPress plugins and themes?Before we start, keep this in mind that “spying” on your competitor is to help improve[...]
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            Using WordPress Robot.txt File For Better SEO

              If you manage a WordPress website, chances are that you have heard of  ‘robots.txt'. Yet, you probably wonder what it is. Besides, you might have asked yourself "Is it an important part of my site?" Well, we have got you covered. In this post, you will get a clear picture[...]
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              Monitor the Uptime of Your Site With These Powerful Plugins

                You face a lot of challenges in keeping your website running at all times. These challenges may start from a down server to interrupted hosted email systems. Hence, they make you helpless in that particular situation. You may rely on your email or website to simply continue working well. However,[...]
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                Choosing The Right Hosting Plan For Your WordPress site

                  Dedicated, VPS, Shared, or Cloud Hosting -Which is the Best Hosting for Your WordPress Site?Choosing the right hosting for your WordPress site can boost user experience and increase your leads/sales dramatically. With variety of hosting solutions available now, you have the opportunity to figure out which one might be best[...]
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                  Easy Ways to Scan Your WordPress Site for Security Holes

                    Scanning Your WordPress Site for Security HolesYour WordPress site is a hotbed for sensitive information and digital assets. Improper security is one of the main reason why hackers are targeting you.  Thus, scanning it for possible vulnerabilities is now a necessity. By doing so, you will be keeping dangerous hackers[...]
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                    Using SSL and HTTPS for Your WordPress site?

                      Using SSL & HTTPS for Your WordPress site?Sharing information on the internet is common. Yet, we hardly give it a second thought. Every day, we share our personal information over websites or on other platforms. This sharing can be in the form of paying for bills/services using a credit card.[...]
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