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Best Practices to Face Net Neutrality

    Net Neutrality is likely to impact your WordPress site and e-commerce in a big way. It is a challenging landscape, but you can navigate this uncertain terrain by following some best practices!If you don't live under the rocks, then you must have heard about the net neutrality debate. The consequences of[...]
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    Top Five Tips to Avoid WordPress Duplicate Content

      If you are a WordPress site owner, duplicate content is the major issue. You need to focus on that before your website become the victim of same. Thus, leading to poor search engine ranking.In this post, we will discuss the top five tips to avoid the issue of WordPress duplicate[...]
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      Top WordPress Hosting Solutions for Small Businesses

        If you are running a small business, getting the top web hosting is inevitable. If you choose a shoddy provider, your business is most likely to suffer in terms of business value and bottom line! Are you looking for a well-managed WordPress hosting to run your small business? If yes,[...]
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        How to perform safe update of WordPress themes and plugins

          Plugins are an integral part of WordPress as they help you add new features and functionality in your WordPress site. But if you fail to update your WordPress plugins properly, it may lead to software conflicts or errors. Also, you may end up compromising the security of your WordPress site.Keeping[...]
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          A Comprehensive Guide on How to Secure your WordPress site.

            Most people, when they first start designing and developing their website, are primarily concerned about making things work the way they desire and getting the site to look great. WordPress security isn't one of their primary concerns.This is funny because almost everyone has heard or read about hacking but when[...]
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            Error Featured

            Your Guide To Troubleshooting Common WordPress Errors And Glitches

              WordPress is the first choice for creating a website, and it never fails to meet the users' expectations. However, sometimes, this user-friendly website management system may come across some glitches and errors that may require you to troubleshoot them immediately to get your website working again!How would you know if[...]
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              How to Deal with WordPress Plugins Conflict

                Whenever we think about the significant problems that WordPress plugin can cause to our website, we mostly believe regarding poorly coded plugins, leading to functionality or performance issues and some other security vulnerabilities. Is that true? Or maybe you have recently got acquainted with fake plugins and worrying about your[...]
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                Establish a Disaster Recovery Plan for Your WordPress Site

                  Can your WordPress Site continue to function even in the case of losing its data? If the answer is no, then  establishing a disaster recovery plan is an inevitable need for your WordPress site.​​​​What is a recovery plan?There can be many reasons for a site to lose all of its[...]
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                  A Guide to Fix CSS and Render-Blocking JavaScript in WordPress

                    CSS and render-blocking JavaScript are two commonly faced problems which increase the loading time of a website. Site speed is considered as one of the key factors in capturing and retaining visitors, however, search engines also take into account a site’s speed to rank it in the search results.Similarly, if[...]
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