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Integrate Your WordPress Site with Instagram

In the older days, we used to upload every picture from Instagram feed to WordPress. After that, we inserted them into our pages. Now, you have many ways to get the benefits of WordPress and Instagram integration!WordPress is among the most robust platforms in today's fast-growing business industry. Its vast[...]
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WordPress Plugins for Your Website’s Ad Management

If you want to monetize your website, your first solution is to put some advertising banners on your site. This comes as the easiest and fastest way to make money through your WordPress site. To fulfill the requirements, WordPress offers some great solutions through its smart ad management plugins.Are you[...]
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How to Add WordPress Google AdSense to Your Site

Every WordPress site can generate passive income through advertisements. This is the best way to monetize your site. But, if you do not want to clutter your site with an array of marketing ads, then Google AdSense is your best bet. Also, with Ad Sense, your revenue is just a[...]
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Using WordPress Robots.txt File For Better SEO

If you manage a WordPress site, you have heard of 'robots.txt.' Yet, you probably wonder what it is. Besides, you might have asked yourself, "Is it an important part of my site?" Well, we have got you covered. In this post, you will get a clear picture of what WordPress[...]
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Guide to Optimize Your website for Reducing Bounce Rate

You don’t want your visitors to ‘bounce off’ your site without clicking anything, Do you? Do you the biggest challenge for any business or website? It is making the people recognize its brand and services. However, this may not happen at all if your visitors are not engaged enough. Engagement makes visitors[...]
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Quick Tips for Running Your WordPress Website Smoothly

Managing a WordPress website requires you to focus on many elements. You have to think of making your site appealing to visitors, and easy to navigate. Besides, you should ensure it is SEO-friendly and secure. If you miss any of these points, you end up with flaws or glitches that[...]
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Outstanding Page Builder Plugins To Simplify Your WordPress

Designing an attractive and special site is much easier with WordPress. However, to make your design be live on the screen, you require some specific tools and minimal designing work. With WordPress core, you will get some features that will be useful in your designs like the option of a[...]
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Improve your WordPress performance

In highly competitive corporate market, almost every business owner understands the importance of speeding up their WordPress site. 47% of the customers want their web pages to come up in 2 seconds or less. Even a one second delay could lead to a dramatic 7% drop in site traffic conversions.Boosting your WordPress site Monitor[...]
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Top Reasons to Implement SEO in Your Business

SEO is a crucial marketing channel. Also, it can provide your business with many qualified customers and more leads. Thus, it is a valuable success driver in today’s times of stiff competition over the online space. For increased benefits, use all tips for running your site smoothly. Furthermore, studies show that[...]
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