High Impact WordPress Backups for an Unbeatable Edge

​HelpBot completely understands that your WordPress website is important , in fact too important to be bogged down by emergencies such as crashes or data loss. You deserve to have the peace of mind that comes when you know that if anything goes wrong, it will take only a few minutes to get things back up.

Achieving this is simple when HelpBot works with you. We help you execute regular backups of your data. Our backup expertise not only covers website data storage, but they also reflect the most recent changes and provide you with that all-important fail safe in case something goes wrong.

Immediate Resolution Guaranteed

If we consider the worst case scenario: one in which your website faces a problem and goes down? Here you can witness the real prowess of HelpBot's  backup services capabilities. The moment an issue appears, we jump in with our latest backup in hand to restore full functionality to your website within a matter of minutes. With us working with you hand in hand, you never have a thing to worry about.

HelpBot, your personal, on-demand, tailored WordPress tech expert, makes sure that your data always stays backed up, no matter the time of the day or what state of your website is in. The way we handle your backups, you would feel like we are a natural extension of your IT staff, helping you out. Our Tasking portal gives you real-time access to our services which you can track and keep tabs on all the time.Our below list of services guarantee complete transparency and integrity.

Scheduled Backup

With HelpBot, you have the option of getting automated, scheduled WordPress backups taken of your entire website according to a schedule that is agreeable to you. This way, you can schedule weekly or daily backups or any plan that makes sense to you. We will have a copy of your full website tucked away safe and sound, so it can be retrieved easily to resolve any damage or data issue.

Smart Backup

Backups need to reflect all the recent changes you have made to your website. With HelpBot, you can quickly take backups of your website the moment something changes. Whether it is content added or removed, or changes in the site structure, we immediately update our backup to reflect the exact condition of your website.

Versatile Services

Need to make any changes to the way your site is backed up? Enter our service portal and you have complete control over what we do for you. Change whatever you want. We are here to help you out all the time.