Up-time Monitoring Services 

For your business, your website is the interface that acts as a bridge between you and your customers. With the WordPress up-time services, you can keep this bridge functioning in top condition, thus resulting in an elevated user experience and better client servicing than your competition. Right from monitoring a sequence of URLs or determining the validity of the data pulled from the back-end to checking for unapproved changes to the site or assessing site speed our up-time services does all this and much more. Here are some ways in which our services add value to your business:

​General Website Monitoring

Our comprehensive applications manager checks for downtime or anomalies within the entire website, thus ensuring its structural integrity over the online space. In a case of non-accessibility, you receive a notification alerting about the issue. This lets you react on time and be with minimum downtime period.

Our pre-defined alerts let you monitor various mission critical parameters (site speed, load time, page availability online, proper functioning of the back-end database, and proper working of the CGI scripts). At any time point, if the parameters fall below the threshold, you will receive an automatic alert notifying you of the anomaly ultimately, delivering a high site experience to your visitors without any disruptions.

​Website Content Monitoring

We let you track your website for the functionality of its dynamic pages making it certain that the dynamic content is rendered right at all times, without any dip in the user experience provided by the website content on the site visitors. You can keep a firm control on the content being displayed on your web page. With this service, you can rest assured that the content of your web page cannot be modified without your knowledge. Prevent unethical hacks from modifying the back-end database, and maintain the validity of the data with the help of this service.

URL Sequence Monitoring

If you need multiple web pages to go through accurate monitoring, then you need to look into the URL sequence control. For any dynamically generated content (checking the validity of triggering an action based on a click or tap, logging into a module or system, form filling, and its validation), this type of monitoring helps assess end to end validity and integrity of specific transactions emanating from the dynamic content. Get a quicker resolution to problems in e-commerce sales or form filling exercise by checking which action generates what type of outcome.