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Top 5 Multi-Vendor Plugins for WooCommerce website

A “multi-vendor marketplace” is an eCommerce store which provides products from many different vendors. They make the use of multi-vendor plugins. For example, apart from Amazon selling its own products, it also lists products from many various vendors.

If you have the ideal WordPress multi-vendor plugin, it’s easier to start a multi-vendor marketplace that is powered by WordPress.

In this article, you will learn about the five best multi-vendor marketplace plugins for WooCommerce and using easy digital downloads to build your Woocommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace. 

Top 5 Best WooCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace Plugins

1. WCFM Marketplace

WCFM is among the most popular freemium multi-vendor plugins for WooCommerce multi-vendor marketplace. According to, this plugin has a stellar 5-star rating. Besides that, it provides a modular method which puts together a number of various extensions to assist you in creating your multi-vendor marketplace.

wcfm marketplace

These extensions give you many different features, such as:

  • Linked affiliate program.
  • Shipping zones.
  • Store refunds.
  • Vendors frontend management dashboard.
  • Comprehensive analytics for vendors and store admins.
  • Many types of commission.
  • Appointment and booking support.
  • Live chat and tickets for vendors.

Moreover, WCFM marketplace provides a smartphone app which vendors can utilize in managing things instantly. This feature is unique.

Also, you should have the WooCommerce Frontend Manager plugin to use it. At the start, it is free, but it later has offers different paid extensions and upgrades. Further, the main Pro version of this plugin costs $49, and the extra extensions have extra charges.

2. Product Vendors

Product Vendors is a multi-vendor plugin offered by the WooCommerce team. This plugin gives you the ability to let other vendors join you in selling their products through your store — functions like Amazon.

Furthermore, you get the ability to set one global base commission rate and personal commission rates for various vendors. On the other hand, vendors get the ability to manage their products, profiles, and per-product shipping rules. Besides that, they can see reports of their sales performance, send notes to their customers, and adding notes to orders.

Similar to Amazon, you can show the overall rating of a vendor, depending on the rating of all the products sold by the vendor. Also, you can select your payout schedule for sending payments to vendors.

Product Vendors does not have a free version. Instead, it has a starting price of $79 for using on a single website. Although it seems high, it’s among the most affordable options.

3. Dokan

This plugin is available at as both freemium and premium versions. According to statistics, Dokan plugin is used on more than 20,000 WordPress websites. And, it has a 4.5-star rating, making it among the most famous solutions.


The free version offers you a front-end dashboard for your vendors and the ability to have unlimited vendors. Every vendor gets his/her own store that has a special URL. Besides that, you can make a charge a specific commission rate for the benefit of selling through your marketplace.

Here are the features you get from the Pro version:

  • Comprehensive analytics and reports.
  • Reviews of specific vendors.
  • Customized commission rates for specific vendors.
  • A choice to run auctions, that allows you make something similar to eBay.
  • Vendors can make their private coupons and discounts.
  • Choice to sell bookings.
  • Charge vendors some subscription fee.
  • Verification of seller.
  • Vendors might add their staff members.

4. YITH WooCommerce Multi-Vendor

This multi-vendor plugin is available in both free and paid versions at The basic free version allows you to set up complete vendor pages that have a global commission rate for all vendors using your website.

yith woocommerce multi vendor

As a result, vendors will be capable of managing all their products and media uploads. Also, they can regulate their basic vendor information. On the contrary, the Pro version gives you much functionality, such as refund management, shipping, and more detailed order.

Further, you will be capable of choosing when to pay commission rates. For example, paying out immediately an order to be fulfilled.

The free core version is so limited. But, the starting price of the Pro version is €99.99 for use in one website.

5. WC Vendors Marketplace

This is one of the popular freemium multi-vendor plugins. According to statistics at, WC Vendors Marketplace is active on 10,000 websites. Also, this plugin has maintained a 4.4-star rating.

wc vendors marketplace

Further, the free version allows you to accept vendors who get the ability to:

  • Customize their store through templates.
  • Add their products using their WordPress dashboard.
  • Submit their products for review by the admin or make them live instantly.

Also, this plugin enables you to set global commission rates or customized commission rates for your vendors.

On the contrary, the Pro version enables vendors to manage their activities using the frontend dashboard. Unlike the free version, you do not force vendors through the backend.

Moreover, vendors get additional features, such as:

  • Controlling more information, such as adding social media profiles and setting up SEO.
  • Having higher shipping choices.
  • Adding their personal coupon codes.

In turn, you will get more authority over commission rates, as well as shipping. Still, the Pro version adds an eBay kind of feedback system which allows customers rate particular vendors.

WC Vendors is free for basic features, while the Pro version starts at $199 for a year of updates and support.

Using Easy Digital Downloads to Build WordPress Multi-vendor Marketplace

Apart from using WooCommerce, you can use eCommerce solutions in building a multi-vendor marketplace. To be precise, using Easy Digital Downloads.

Although you can sell digital products using WooCommerce, this is an ideal option if you are selling exclusively digital products. You can also have a look on best free WooCommerce themes for your WooCommerce website.

If this your choice of building a multi-vendor marketplace, consider using the Pro package which costs $299, as it comes with many extensions. For example, the Front-end Submissions extension.


If you are planning to launch a WordPress multi-vendor marketplace, choose any of the above 5 best WordPress Multi-Vendor plugins for WordPress to create your marketplace.

Do you have any question, suggestion, or comment about WordPress multi-vendor plugins? Use the comment section.


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