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Launched in 1997, Google is search engine provided by Google Incorporation. The creator back then didn’t know that this will have 92% in global search market with around 3.5 billion searches per day. These facts make Google one of the most used search engine which is available in around 149 languages.

Google though excels as a search engine but its inflexible interface affects the work efficiency of the hardcore web users. The more the browser is used, the more information is stored leading to privacy issues. The collection of information through IP addresses and cookies concerns the users at large.

To address these concerns, several search engines have been developed over a period of time. They provide users with all the virtues and privileges that the Google lacks. There are immense opportunities available for the SEO’s apart from Google.

Yahoo and Bing are the giants in terms of searches after Google. To deal with privacy factor DuckDuckGo, Onesearch, Qwant , Startpage etc are the options. With the dynamic user needs and vast content available on internet, there are several other search engines which give format specific results such as Youtube for videos, Slideshare for presentations, Giphy for GIFs and Unsplash for images.

Top 10 Search Engines alternatives to Google

1. BING 

Bing was launched in 2009 by the American software company Microsoft Corporation. It has around 5% of the total world market share of desktop search engine. Its enviable features make it a key search engine rival. With the best features of image and video searches, Bing adds Microsoft awards to tempt the users which can be redeemed at various outlets. The social media integration has too led Bing not far behind Google. Hence the enhanced user experience and the general consensus concludes at Bing It!


Yahoo was the original search giant before it gives up its own search technology and powered by it rival Bing. But in this Yahoo-Microsoft deal it continues to maintain its own Yahoo brand. It offers several other features such as Yahoo Answers, Yahoo Delicious, Yahoo Flickr, Yahoo News, Yahoo SEO and many more.


The privacy issue remains one of the major concerns for Google, hence targeting the same DuckDuckgo is one of the emerging search giant. It claims to have around 3 billion monthly searches while protecting the privacy of the users. This search engine allows user to build their own profiles unlike Google, who creates it on its own. This results in better search experience, unbiased results which are outside the filter bubble. Features such as Bang enable the user to search other sites directly on DuckDuckgo.


OneSearch is another popular search engine which focuses on privacy needs of the web user. This is done by creating encryption keys for all the searches made by user on OneSearch which expires after an hour hence blocking third parties from accessing the user history. It tends to resolve the tracking issues.


With the headquarters in Paris, Qwant is a famous French search engine. It was created to develop an ethical web, protecting the privacy of users and their personal data. Qwant provides a faster navigation, saves time, saves cost and ensures the preservation of the digital ecosystem. It block ads which give it advantage over Google.


Youtube is basically format specific search engine which display the results as per the keywords searched. It is a great way of improving the search engine ranking of users as the videos uploaded on Youtube are favoured by other search engines. Use of right keywords, good subtitles, addition of transcript to videos made Youtube immensely popular worldwide. Over 4 billion videos are viewed daily on Youtube hence it promises to be a great search engine for videographical content.


This search engine encrypt all searches using HTTPs. It claims the guarding of the personal information of the user by not keeping any log of it. Unlike any other search engine, Startpage provides documentation of the third party audits for its privacy features. This definitely makes it a better alternative than Google. It often act as intermediary between the user and Google, hence user has access to Google search results without worrying about privacy and data. Its Anonymous View feature is a relatively new development.


This is yet another popular format based American search engine that allows the user to search for GIF’s and animated stickers online. It also allows sharing of the short on loop videos without any sound that resemble GIF’s. Claiming to serve around 10 billion+ people each day, this platform is safe as well as user interactive. In 2020 Facebook acquired Giphy, which it plans to integrate with its trending social media app Instagram.


The Unsplash offers thousands of photos and images which can be accessed absolutely free by the users. It has a vast library of high definition photos which can be used for commercial and personal projects. Visuals have everlasting impact on the website visitors which make them immensely important decision of the website strategy. By resolving copyright issues it serves as an alternative to Google Images.


As the name suggest, this search engine was developed in Switzerland in 2014. This search engine is highly children friendly as it prohibits any violent or adult content. Again unlike Google is respects the privacy of its users and does not store any kind of personal data. The company aims to create a safe alternative to all the internet users.

To sum up, Google although has been a search giant but the limited cons posed a threat to the privacy of the user. The user data collected by it is shared with third parties that’s why when you search something using Google, the other web pages display the advertisements related to the same. These various alternatives are developed to overcome the concerns by guarding privacy and some being format specific. In this rivalry search engine war SEO’s now considers the future search giants such as Bing and Onesearch.