Proactive & Safe WordPress Site Updates 

Updates could mean the difference between having an easily-hackable site and one that is almost impossible to hack. Did you know that WordPress usually rolls out a couple of major updates every year? There are also smaller; more minor ones that keep rolling out every so often. Then, of course, comes your WordPress themes and plugins which are equally essential for your website. All these updates improve the overall framework of your WordPress site such as  addressing/ eliminating known bugs and security issues, improving your website performance and user experience.

Personal WordPress Care 

Have you ever tried to update a theme or plugin only to have your entire site crash all of a sudden?  The Helpbot team knows that keeping your site up-and-running is crucial. We are here with you every step of the way to make sure your site is geared to work whenever WordPress or any of your plugins/theme introduce a new update. We keep a special eye for these things and see that the updates are installed, activated and tested in such a manner that they do not create any conflict issues.

Secure and Tailored Updates

This issue stems from incompatibility issues between the code released in WP updates and the code already present in your existing themes/plugins. To keep your site running and to prevent any potential crashes you may incur, We first test All the WordPress updates manually on your staging site (clone site) and then if everything seems fine we do the amendments on your live website.

Data Protection

Most updates do not entail data loss or damage, but sometimes, updates to your WordPress site can, in fact, lead to data loss. We make sure to take a full backup of your site to ensure that all of your data remains intact.

Extended Support

Do you need information about updates and what they add or change for your system? Are there changes in workflow that you need to make to take advantage of these updates fully? We release a specific advisory note for each of the updates and what actions/changes you may need to make to maximize the benefit of the new update.