Decoding calypso & 
the Future opportunities offered by it.

The launch and arrival of WordPress Calypso are making quite a buzz in the digital arena. It is loaded with functions, features, and benefits to improve the value proposition of content management systems. Today we try to capture the essence of the technology and our options with it.

What is Calypso ?

According to the technical definition, Calypso is the brand new content management interface. Whether you wish to manage WordPress contents, read blogs, view stats, or make updates, Calypso will offer perfect opportunities to do so. You can find it on or use it as a Mac application.Quite unlike the conventional WP-Admin Interface, Calypso utilizes JavaScript along with WordPress REST API. Calypso successfully speeds up WordPress interactions and facilitates communications with the core program.Whether it’s’ blogs or self-hosted websites, Calypso ensures efficient and comprehensive management under a single head.

What’s the connection with Jetpack ?

For managing sites, users will require using Jetpack. Although Jetpack is considered to be an integral part of WordPress, lots of controversies have built around this consideration.However, one thing is for sure. Jetpack and Calypso complement each other by performing crucial tasks together. You can take a step forward and name them as ‘the future of WordPress.' With Jetpack, you can integrate thousands of exciting features into a WordPress site. Users can manage numerous sites across many hosts.

What’s in there for users ?

With a clean and clutter-free interface, Calypso ensures easy and smooth coding. Other than that, here are some of the unique benefits offered by Calypso :

  • ​Harmonious and comfortable writing.
  • Themes and plug-in updates.
  • Increased workflow.
  • Multiple site management.
  • Content creation and marketing

With these features and an attractive interface, Calypso is undoubtedly the need of the hour for WordPress users.Foreseeing the future if you wish to communicate with WordPress core in the most innovative manner, Calypso will turn out to be the best resource. With in-depth knowledge of JavaScript, developers will learn to work on this particular interface.As of now, Calypso’s future seems to be bright. Let’s keep a close watch on the users’ learning curve and find out what future has in store for this innovative interface.

January 25, 2017

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