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Competitor Analysis Tools to Know Your Competitors Better

In business, if you want to learn, then take advantage of the competitive landscape. Your competitors may outrank you, but with that, they also give you information to get better. If you can learn what they do and how they do it, you can win over them in no time! So read on as we discuss the top competitor analysis tools that will help you blow your competitors out of the water.

We all know that keeping your enemies closer is more important than your friends. It does not matter which industry you work for, it is vital to know your competitors well. You must keep track of your potential competitors that outrank your business strategies.

To beat the competitor, spying is one of the first marketing moves. This spying may involve tracking your competitors' search rankings, social mentions, content, emails or anything else, which may help your business to stand out. After all, everything that is helping them boost their business is also imperative for you to carve out your business's way to success.

When the competition is fierce in the industry, it gets difficult to run a business. This happens when pesky competitors are continually jeopardizing your business's bottom line. They are stealing away your clients while making all the right moves a company could make. But before you give up, you can drop on your competitors by using Competitor Analysis Tools.

So far you may have only heard of these tools, but you may not have used them to spy on your competitors. To assist you in this regard, we will discuss the top competitor analysis tools which will significantly raise your game! But before we dig deep, let us first understand what competitor analysis is!

Understanding Competitor A​​​​nalysis

A competitor analysis is the identification of your competitors along with an evaluation of their business strategies. This is to ascertain their strengths and weaknesses, which are relative to your service or product. When you analyze this information about your competitor, you get insight on your competitor's moves. You learn the steps which help them in earning better sales so that you can also adapt these strategies to your business.

Also, there are some other reasons to spy on your competitors-

  • It helps you in adopting new ways to connect with potential customers and to improve your customer retention strategies.
  • As you spy, you get to know your competitors better. You get familiar with all the things which are helping them boost their businesses. You learn about the weak areas, which need improvement, to beat your entrants.
  • You can have a look at your competitor's market optimization strategies and legally adopt the practices as much as you can.
  • It helps you in improving your business plans, and to beat your competitors, based on statistics instead of assumptions.

Once you use competitors analysis tools, you can collect different types of data. This may include backlinks, link popularity, search engine ranking, content performance, organic keywords, PPC keywords or ads, traffic and social media metrics.

Competitor Analysis Tools

Following are some latest and quality tools which you can quickly adapt to spy on your competitors. It is not necessary to use one device only, but you can use a combination of two or more methods and check if there is any improvement in your business rankings.

1. SpyFu

When you want to grow your site's traffic, you must consider pay-per-click. It is a high channel which can be utilized to increase revenue and leads. While some beginners may find it a little expensive option to go for, it provides practical and proven results. 

As you use SpyFu, you can search your competitor's sites and check last ten years' history of their purchased keywords, search engine rankings, organic ranking as well as any other variation in the ads. As you get to know the strategies and keywords that have worked for them, you can leverage your marketing strategies and SEO accordingly.

2. SE Ranking

This is an active channel to track rankings of your competitors. It helps you track rankings in any target region and on any platform. You can monitor this information for up to 5 projects on each website.

The tool gives you real-time results and reports the current standing of your competitor. You may obtain detailed reports on potential competitors, including information about the average position, website visibility, and traffic forecast. You may monitor your competitors PPC ads, keywords rankings, SEO metrics (such as backlinks) or traffic channels.

3. Rank Signal

Where SEO changes constantly, and dramatically, one thing that remains constant is the individual seeking relevant and useful information from the competitive landscape. 

Rank Signal helps in two ways that are content performance and competitor analysis. Since a well-structured content strategy is beneficial to improve rankings, with Rank Signal, you can ascertain the performance of not only your content but also of your competitors' content. 

The tool provides extensive information about social metrics and back links. It helps by ascertaining the areas of deleted, broken or spam links so that you can fix them and improve your business performance.

After all, one way to let your competitors outrank you is to stay oblivious with regards to your competitors' links sources.

4. iSpionage

This tool particularly helps in tracking keywords. This spying tool makes it easy for you to monitor what your competitors' organic search practices are. The complete set of this tool includes social monitoring, SEO competitive research, and keyword tracking.

So get a rundown of top competitors and obtain the information about organic and ads keyword usage as well as PPC keywords. In addition to that, you may also check your business's standing in comparison to your competitors.

5.  Followerwonk

This tool helps in analyzing Twitter profiles. This is free of cost feature that can significantly boost your marketing strategies on Twitter. The device offers a range of details such as bios, recent tweets, locations and the followers' authority. All of this provides an overall picture of the competitor's presence on Twitter.

One way you can smartly improve your presence on Twitter, by using this tool, is by thoroughly reviewing the competitors' location, followers, content, and tweets. One great feature is to find users using keywords and then compare them to factors like follower's language, age, authority, and activeness. Alongside, you may also review the progress of your authoritative and growing followers.

6.  SpyOnWeb

This is a favorite tool which can also be used by beginners easily. The device gives you 'behind the curtain' information. It tells you which website is associated with the same owner of the site. The type of information you can avail by using this tool may be related to the entry on a page, which is collected from various resources, available publicly.

The best way to make use of this useful tool is to obtain complete information about Google AdSense IDs, IP addresses, Analytic IDs, Google Analytics, and Yahoo Publisher Network ID. All you need to do is enter the URL, and you will instantly get the information about all the IP addresses and a complete list of domains using the same IP address.

7. Serpstat

This tool lets you take advantage of your competitor's experience by attracting leads through paid and organic search. It helps you track your potential competitors and improve your SEO based content. The tool offers both competitive and commonplace tools such as backlink analysis, traffic insight or keyword research. The information that you can obtain using Serpstat helps you in getting complete insight on keywords.

The data could be the keywords used by competitors, the performance of these keywords in optimizing rankings, the ROI of competitors and how much they are spending on ads. You can also know the keywords which your competitors are not capitalizing on correctly. This information will help you optimize them for your betterment to get ahead.

8. InfiniGraph

InfiniGraph lets you track the current social media trends. The tool combines real-time brand-to-consumer interactions and utilizes targeting to figure out which content and brand are the most popular now.

The tool provides competitive brand intelligence. It's a tool to peek into the minds of your target audience and modify your social media practices accordingly. As you get social intelligence, you can prepare a successful campaign. You can do it by paying close attention to the most potential content and influencers.

9. Buzzsumo

This is a reasonably well-known tool to track social networks. It lets you determine the most searched content of a competitor or for a particular topic. For instance, if you want to find out the most searched content related to health care providers, you need to type it in the search bar and press the ‘Go' button.

The results will show up as the number of shares of every piece of content with a particular period, let's say in the past six months or one year. It helps you get a deeper understanding of the social footprint, which eventually assists in the development of better content strategies. The tool offers compelling and straightforward data display.

10. WhatRunsWhere

This competitor analysis tool provides access to the most accurate information about the digital advertising strategy of your competitors. It helps you learn which ad campaign is most profitable and performs best regarding your product or service.

It means you can make sure your advertising strategy is competitive and capable enough to stay on top. This is particularly true for a highly competitive industry that changes its landscape constantly. WhatRunsWhere provides you with the native and displays ad intelligence that will make you invest in your business more efficiently and tactically.

11. SEMrush

The most critical yet harsh part of performing the competitive analysis is to turn data/information into actionable insights. This means that the data you obtain from competitive analysis must be presented in a way, which can help to improve and develop your content strategy.

The tool is used to get a detailed overview of the SEO. This may include ways to get more traffic or comprehensive reports regarding social media presence, paid advertisements, content engagement, and backlinks. SEMrush is a flexible tool which ensures competitive research on various domain names. With this tool, you can get information on four critical factors: competitor research, keyword research, backlinks analysis, and site audit. The tool is used by many prominent organizations including eBay, Amazon, Hewlett-Packard, and Disney.

12. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb is a unique tool which helps you ascertain the number of unique visitors which your competitors have generated per month.

You may also compare these new visitors in categories like market share, traffic flow, targeted keywords and traffic sources. It is used to dig deeper into a platform, site or app. 

The tool is one of the most famous competitor analysis tool used by many prominent organizations. It is versatile and provides the most accurate insight into any site.

Wrapping Up

There are many ways to look inside your competitor's mind. All of these tools are worth using. But make sure that the device you select must meet your business's specific goal.

It doesn't matter which tool you use, all of these tools are great to get closer to creating a strategy that would give you an ace up your sleeve. After all, the primary purpose of spying on your competitors and creating better business strategies is to improve our conversion rates.

So before you select a combination of tools, you can test them for their effectiveness by taking a free trial. Almost all the companies allow free trial or even extend the duration of it so that you can adequately evaluate the quality of their offered tools. So go ahead and build an efficient organic traffic pipeline. All of these tools are best to generate consistent traffic, increase revenue, and improve brand visibility. 


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