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Client Portals You Can Create With WordPress

Exchanging work with clients is hard to manage. Therefore, we need a wide range of plugins that will help to manage files transferred to clients. For this, you will need Client Portal WordPress Plugins that will handle work and your clients. These plugins provide the most effective way to manage your clients in real-time.

Let’s take a look at the best Client WordPress Plugins for you:

1. Clinked

Clinked is a WordPress Plugin which offers secure communication, collaboration & information sharing portal for your clients. This plugin works as a helping hand in terms of Client Management.

If you want to exchange files or chat with your clients, then Clinked is the best plugin to be used for.  You can also read about the features of this Client Portal WordPress Plugin:

  • If you want to watch the whole process of the project, which includes a task to teammates or setting a deadline for the project, then this plugin is best for you.
  • It also provides organized meetings and events for your clients.
  • If you want to create a work-space for Your & Client's work, then this WordPress Client plugin suits your need.
  • You can also share files and can chat with your clients. The main advantage of having this WordPress plugin is that you can provide bank-grade security to your client's data.
  • This plugin is available for Android and iPhone users.

2. SuiteDash

SuiteDash is another Client’s Portal Plugin which provides all in one business software solution. Its integrated tools and pre-built automation help to organize your business and delight your clients.

It is not just a Client Portal Software, but also a fully integrated platform that will completely satisfy the needs of all types of business. It is one of the best tools for transferring your files securely.

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SuiteDash handles all the needs of your internal team while bridging the communication gap with your clients. You can also read about the features of this Client Portal WordPress Plugin:

  • Advanced File Exchange
  • Managing Project Efficiently
  • You can also track time of the project for billing
  • File exchanged in an encrypted manner.
  • Chat with your clients in real-time.

3. OfficeWP

OfficeWP offers a secure way to share file and message your clients privately. You can quickly turn whole features on and off to best suit your business with its modular structure. It's emailing feature allows you to stay connected with your clients even if you are not logged in your installation at a time.

Client Portals

OfficeWP will help you to create unlimited clients, with unlimited portals. Go share files features of this Client Portal WordPress Plugin:

  • You can allow the clients to access a particular page.
  • If you want to upload a file directly from the WordPress website, then this plugin is best to use.
  • It supports all file sizes & file types.
  • The main advantage is that you can turn off or on all the features of OfficeWP according to your use.

4. Client Portal - Private user pages and login

This WordPress plugin allows you to create private pages for each user. Only the owner of the page can access these private pages after login into the dashboard. You need to add the short-code to any page and when the logged-in user accesses the page, he will be directed to a private page.

You can also read about the features of this Client Portal WordPress Plugin:

  • You don't need to fill the login or registration form.
  • You can control the things you want clients to see.
  • The main advantage of using this plugin is that if the clients want to access another page from the site, he will be redirected to private page.
  • To activate this plugin, you can add short-code to any page.

5. WP Customer Area 

For those who want to manage their private content, this plugin works well for them. You can also customize themes according to your choice. If you want to share your data or files to many users, then WP Customer Area plugin will let you do this. You can check out the features of this Client Portal WordPress Plugin:

WP Customer Area
  • It provides a secure customer area, which can be accessible to Logged in user.
  • If you assign any private page/private file to a particular user then, these pages will get listed in its customer area.
  • You can also customize the plugin appearance according to you own theme choice.
  • This WordPress Plugin is available for free and covers the needs of most WordPress users.


We talk about the needs of the client portal in WordPress, and now you can easily configure the assistance of the different WordPress Client portal Plugins. 

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