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Best Drag & Drop WordPress Theme Builders

Making a WordPress site appear precisely as per your wish is without a doubt not easier. Most top-level modification needs you to edit the source code, modify theme files, or hire a designing expert. In some instances, minor modifications might be time-consuming and difficult if you are applying a theme that has a complicated dashboard structure, or if you do not know where to go to implement the exact required change.

This might not only be annoying but also make the use of WordPress a problematic encounter.

However, you can make a well-designed WordPress website without writing any line of code or genuinely finding the backend admin panel to implement the desired change.

You can do so by utilizing either a premium or free theme editor or drag & drop page builder. This article review 7 top best WordPress drag & drop page builders. However, we first need to answer these two questions: 

What are page builders? How do page builders help anyone trying to create a stunning WordPress site without coding?

Although there are so many WordPress page builders, I have listed only 7 after thorough research. These page builders are the most popular and utilized page builders that appeared to offer users higher value.

What are page builders?

A page builder is a system that lets you create your site using a more comfortable drag & drop functionality. The system can be a WordPress theme or plugin. Rather than making WordPress pages and posts manually, you can use a page builder to design and create them within a short time.

Nearly all page builders comprise of rows, modules, and sections. The modules consist of various functions for each feature you might require — for instance, image modules, and text modules among others.

Additionally, some page builders feature a contact form module. Thus, there is no need of using a contact form plugin while using such a page builder. Besides this, page builders have many exciting features.

Most page builders comprise of CTA button, slider, or gallery modules. Therefore, there is no need of installing any extra plugins to your website. Also, you can showcase a video like the full-width background of your website.

Are page builders helpful?

  • Apart from the functionality of a page builder sounding great, are they helpful? Here are reasons why you should utilize one:
  • You do not need to work with codes. It means you do need to learn programming or be technical to use page builders.
  • They are easier to use, and a superb means of creating a beautiful website within a short time.  Unlike the traditional WordPress functionality, it is easier and faster to create a completely functional website with a page builder.
  • You can easily get help with anything because many people are using page builders. For instance, page builders have Facebook groups with so many users who can offer support. Alternatively, there are many developers using page builders, as well as making premium extensions for various page builders. Such builders make child themes or structures for sale. Therefore, you can use them as WordPress resources.

Here are the 7 best drag & drop WordPress page builders

1. WP Page Builder

The best thing about WP Page Builder is that it specializes in fronted editing that lets you view the modifications you are making live.

Besides that, it has all the basic features of a page builder, such as undo/redo, copy/paste. However, one unique feature of this page builder is that all the pages you have made using it can be re-used with export/import functionality without any problem. 

Additionally, this page builder has a library that lets you save your work unlimited times. So, you can keep your current work, as a set of extensions, or a row whenever you want with any problem. This feature is amazing, as it allows you to utilize your work without repeating it every other time.

This page builder has a ready made structure pack which offers you with ready-to-apply pages that require little modification before publishing. Although these packs have more than one page, you only need to utilize one page from a pack. It is easier to design any web page using these layout packs. 

Presently, the add-on collection offers a highly applicable set of extensions. Also, these extensions are designed to implement a particular set of tasks perfectly. Alongside the extensions are pre-designed blocks which help you to reduce your work. These blocks are rich in content, and they offer beautiful design choices.

The drag & drop functionality enables you to utilize these blocks and view the extensions in action. If you are on a budget, you can use the free version of WP Page Builder to handle most of your tasks by downloading it from the plugin directory. 

2. MotoPress Content Editor


MotoPress Content Editor is a famous free WordPress Page Builder plugin which was the first in the market, offering frontend editing and WYSIWYG ability that everyone loves. This page builder is fit for any WordPress theme, and it allows you to build well-balanced and helpful posts and pages visually.

Here are three primary reasons why people prefer this plugin:

  • It has a cheaper premium version, which accommodates even small budgets.
  • Does not confine you in with short-codes, thus ensuring your site content is safe when the plugin is active and disabled.
  • Comes with many content modules that you can add to posts and pages using a drag & drop functionality of tabs, charts, slider, galleries, graphics, and others.

Furthermore, this page builder provides an in-built and adaptable interface for making columns and rows. Also, it has a style builder which you can use to modify your styles without coding, some pre-designed page structures, in-built emulators for examining 

The pages in all recent devices, complete integration with Woocommerce, and a bundle of special add-ons for various uses, such as countdown timer, simple contact form, and others. If you are in need of a ready-made design, there are many popular WordPress themes, such as Emmet that has in-built MotoPress Content Editor. If you are facing any Woocommerce related problems, you can take Woocommerce support services.

3. Themify Builder

Themify Builder is a WordPress page builder that has over 40 expert pre-designed structures. But, it is good to say the list is still growing. You can use the layouts to make stunning landing pages within minutes.

Besides that, this builder has both a frontend and a backend builder. Also, it has all the basic features of a page builder, such as undo/redo, import & export, or copy & paste functionality.

The most exciting feature of this builder is that it offers over 60 animation effects. Some of these features are zoom in, light speed in, flip, tada, swing, shake, rubber band, pulse, flash, bounce, and others.

In addition, you can style your structures using Google fonts, row overlay, color picker, parallax scrolling, video background, and slider background.

In conclusion, this builder has many extensions that enhance its functionality more.

4. WP Bakery Page Builder


WPBakery owns WP Bakery Page Builder plugin which without any doubt is familiar to you if you an enthusiast of CodeCanyon, Envato, or ThemeForest. The Envato’s marketplace and sell this builder. You can utilize this builder with any WordPress theme. Besides this, it is featured in most premium WordPress themes that are sold on ThemeForest.

The features of this plugin are social plugin support, custom CSS support, custom post-type support, and an inherent inline front-end editor among others. Also, this page builder is 100% compatible with Woocommerce and Yoast SEO plugins.

Moreover, WP Bakery Page Builder has a template library which you can utilize in saving your designs. Also, this library gets updated regularly using premium templates.

The greatest benefit of this page builder is its price. Besides this, it powers more than 1.5 million websites, with over 200,000 sites being direct sales.

5. Elementor

Elementor page builder enables you to resize your columns, as well as to modify the width and height of your site’s sections. Still, you can easily place the column either on top, bottom, or column of a section. By default, these features are unavailable on other page builders.

Also, this page builder features some pre-made templates. Furthermore, you can save, as well as export & import your designs. Including third-party plugins and inserting them in your widgets is possible. After doing so, you will still be able to modify your widgets.

The elementor page builder offers over 400 stunning icons, and more than 800 Google fonts to utilize. Elementor has many extensions that make your work easier. For example, CrocoBlock Suite lets you edit your website using more functionality swiftly.

6. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is among the top-most popular, as well as broadly used page builders in WordPress. More than 500,000 WordPress websites use Beaver Builder. Also, this page builder has dozens of attractive page templates which you can use to keep creativity on the move.

The front-end drag & drop interface of Beaver Builder gives you total control of your page designs.

Additionally, over 100,000 users utilize the Beaver Builder theme.  You can select various styles that use their preset settings from this page builder and theme, and then customize them using the original WordPress Customizer. 

However, you can utilize the page builder with almost any other WordPress theme. Also, you can change themes whenever you want without any loss of content. Alternatively, in case you decide to stop using this page builder, your content will be taken straight back to the WordPress editor.

Standard modules comprise video, audio, photo, text editor, HTML, and others.  You can embed a video, set a color, or use pictures on your site’s background when using Beaver Builder. Also, this page builder is entirely responsive and mobile-friendly.

Premium features of Beaver Builder comprise of these modules: a contact form, social icons, map, pricing tables, and sliders. Besides these, you get access to some beautiful pre-made designs. Still, it is possible to save, export, or import your designs. Also, you can create your own modified modules, a feature that is unavailable in other WordPress page builders.

own modified modules, a feature that is unavailable in other WordPress page builders.

7. Divi Builder

divi builder

The Divi Builder is offered as a package in premium WordPress theme known as Divi theme. Alternatively, you can utilize this page builder alone similar to a plugin with any WordPress theme.

Divi is entirely powered by the Divi Builder, a swift and powerful inherent front-end editor. Besides this, it has 46 content elements which you can utilize to do anything on your website without any coding.

In addition, Divi is pre-loaded with more than 20 template design choices which are just out of the box. These designs are not only user-friendly, but they will also assist you to jump-start any project, as well as creating new pages within minutes.

This page builder has hundreds of customization choices, all having live previews in the Theme Customizer. Thus, you will see all the changes you are implementing in real-time on your site’s front-end.

Additionally, Divi has a completely integrated A/B split testing, as well as conversion optimizing tool. This tool has some strong stats and analysis, and it works smoothly within the Divi Builder.


The work of the page builders is to help you in making your work easier. Thus, you can quickly and swiftly create a fully functional website without any code.

All these page builders have the same job, although they have some slight variation in specific elements, user-encounter, some details, and controls. Thus, choose any of these 7 popular WordPress page builders to create your site.

If you are facing any WordPress related issues, you can always consult WordPress experts!