5 Outstanding page builder plugins that simplifies designing WordPress

Designing an attractive and special site is much easier with WordPress. However, to make your design be live on the screen, you require some specific tools and minimal designing work. With WordPress core, you will get some features that will be useful in your designs like the option of a live preview, although some are limited.
But, when using a page builder, you gain more authority of controlling the design process.

The page builder plugin allows you to drag and drop different elements of design on your web pages, thus allowing you to expand your choices of customization without messing with the codes. In some themes, you will get everything you need in designing as a package because they feature page builders.

Here are five outstanding page builder plugins that simplify your work.

  • Visual Composer
  • siteorigin page builder
  • elementor
  • beaver builder
  • divi builder

Visual Composer

Considering the set of features in the Visual maker plugin, it is relatively cheap, although it is available in premium option only. The page builder is famous because of its flexibility, power, and thousands of themes it features, with the Total theme being the best. Apart from giving you a streamlined experience when customizing either from the back or front end, the theme works perfectly with any theme of your choice. The visual maker plugin is your best option as a developer because it is extendable, and it the design options is available in tons.

Primary features
  • Loyal support
  • Drag and drop a live builder on both front and back end
  • Flexible grid builder to help you display media and posts
  • Gives access choices to a widespread library of templates
  • With just $34, you will get a license and six months support, though you can pay more for a year support
  • Also, with $10 to $20, you can get extra features by purchasing the add-ons

Even if you know nothing concerning codes, WordPress enables you to make a personalized and attractive site. For an excellent and exciting site, the core platform is the best. Page builder plugin that is powerful gives you more flexibility and control over the appearance of your site. The above page builders are among the best for use in WordPress.

July 6, 2017

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