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24 Best WordPress Plugins that Business Websites Must Have in 2019

Are you looking for the best WordPress plugins to improve the level of your business in 2019? Worry not! You can choose only the best from thousands of WordPress plugins which are available in the market today. However, getting an appropriate plugin for your website might be mind-boggling, especially to new users.

The most common question from readers and WordPress website owners is; which is the best WordPress plugin(s) for speed, backups, SEO and social media among others.

So, to provide the best solutions to our readers, our professionals have been testing thousands of free and paid WordPress plugins. Growing your online business is easier if you are using an appropriate set of WordPress plugins and tools.

Here are the best WordPress plugins that business websites must have in 2019

(1.) Beaver Builder

beaver builder

The best drag and drop WordPress page builder is Beaver Builder. This plugin enables you to modify the design of your site, as well as building modified page layouts without writing a single code.

Most business website owners love this plugin, as it allows them to build completely customized landing pages on their own, and within in minutes. There is no need for hiring developers.

(2.) WooCommerce

Woo logo

With more than 4 million websites using this plugin, it is ranked as the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugin. Millions of sites use this plugin because it offers robust features that you require to build an online store.

For the past few years, WooCommerce has proved to be the most powerful eCommerce plugin for WordPress. WooCommerce now has an ecosystem with dedicated plugins, themes, and hosting.

If you are facing any issues regarding WooCommerce, you can take WooCommerce development support services from experts. 

(3.) TablePress

table press

For long duration, there was no option of creating tables in your pages or posts using the WordPress editor. But, the recent WordPress block editor features a table block, although the features are limited.

To solve this issue, this plugin allows you to add amazing tables on your website.  Besides that, it retains your table data and pages or pages separate. Thus, you can insert the table wherever you want, and update it from there.

However, the most important thing about this plugin is that you use it without writing a single HTML or CSS code.

(4.) Grammarly


It is available as a browser extension for Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.  Besides that, it is among the most popular online tools for checking grammar. This plugin checks all your typos, context, spelling and grammar errors in your posts.

Grammarly is available in the free and premium version, but most people use the free version. However, the premium version is the best, as it offers many unique features like suggestions for vocabulary improvement, and plagiarism detector among others.

(5.) WPML


Naturally, the creation of a multilingual website is not easier with WordPress. So, this comes in as the biggest challenge for online businesses who have multi-lingual customers from various geographic locations.

However, you can solve this problem easily, using (WordPress multi-lingual) WPML plugin. This plugin enables you to build WordPress multi-lingual sites with ease.

Apart from enabling you to make content in various languages easily, it is both SEO and user-friendly.

(6.) WP Forms

wp forms

A contact form is essential for every website, as it helps your visitors to contact you easily. If you are looking for a user-friendly contact form plugin for your WordPress plugin, it is WP Forms.

WP Forms is a drag & drop online form builder, which enables you to build polls, surveys, payment forms, online order forms, email subscription forms, contact forms and other forms of online forms using a few clicks. Therefore, this is the reason why millions of websites use this plugin.

Besides that, this plugin functions well with all payment and marketing sites, making it easier to create strong forms within 5 minutes.  It has options of helping you build a customized WordPress login page and user registration form.

If you are searching for a more natural solution, you can use the free WPForms Lite version. However, if you are determined in growing your online business, go for the premium version as it offers strong features that you require to increase your lead generation efforts.

(7.) Insert Headers & Footers

insert headers and footers

Any WordPress website owner might at some point decide to add code snippets on their header or footer for authorization purposes, or even insert ad re-targeting scripts among others.

Adding code snippets on your WordPress website is easier with this plugin because there is no editing of theme files. The plugin is free, but a highly must- have for business owners.

(8.) MonsterInsights

monster insights

The most suitable Google Analytics tool for WordPress is MonsterInsights plugin. It enables you to effectively connect your site with Google Analytics, for a view of ways used by users to find your site, and how many in a month.

The best thing with this plugin is that it displays all vital stats of your site on your WordPress dashboard.

These stats help you in determining ways of optimizing your website for increased revenue, subscribers and traffic. More than 2 million sites use it.  Besides that, it is available in free and pro version, with the pro version offering unique and powerful features.

(9.) WP Mail SMTP

wp mail smtp

Naturally, the PHP mail function is used in sending emails from WordPress. However, there is a big issue with this feature, because WordPress hosting companies control its abuse by either blocking it or by having an improper setup.

So, both you and your users might not get crucial email notifications from your website. To solve this issue, the WP Mail SMTP plugin sends WordPress emails via an effective SMTP mail server.

(10.) Yoast SEO


For your Website to get increased traffic from search engines, you should apply effective SEO strategies. Although WordPress is SEO friendly, there are so many good SEO practices that you can apply to increase your web traffic.

Among the most popular WordPress SEO plugins is Yoast SEO. In comparison to all other WordPress SEO plugins, it provides the best solution, as well as tools and features that you require enhancing the on-page SEO of your posts.

This plugin enables you to easily optimize your site for social media, connect it to Google Search Console, produce sitemaps, add appropriate Meta tags and many others.

Also, this plugin has a strong Redirect feature, which allows you to build useful 301 redirects with ease. Furthermore, Yoast detects any change that is made on URLs, hence making auto-redirects; to avoid broken links on your site.

(11.) Shared Counts

shared count

Are you looking for the best WordPress social media plugin? If that's the case, then Shared Counts plugin is the best bet for you, because it enables you to add social sharing buttons on your site without problems.

In addition, this plugin displays share counts of your posts, thus helping you add social proof of your website. Although you can get many paid plugins in the market, Shared Counts plugins are free, and its ahead of them in terms of efficiency and code quality.

One of the major reasons as to why we have listed this plugin in this post is because it provides beginners and developers with a unique solution.

(12.) Constant Contact

constant contact

The most efficient and dependable marketing tool that you can use as a business website owner is email. An email enables you to remain connected with all users, even if they no longer visit your website. This is the main reason why every online business owner should start creating an email list.

Among the top, most email marketing service providers all the over the world is Constant Contact. It gives you the ability to create an email list easily, and send attractive email newsletters to all your subscribers at once.

Constant Contact is fast and easier to set up even for new users. Also, it works perfectly with most WordPress lead generation plugins like WPForms and OptinMonster.

(13.) Pretty Links Pro

pretty links

Among the best link management plugins for WordPress is Pretty Links Pro. This plugin gives you the ability to manage affiliate links with ease, by making them short and memorable for sharing purposes.

If you are a business owner, podcaster or affiliate marketer who intends to create short WordPress URLs, this is the appropriate tool to use.

(14.) OptinMonster

optin monster

Of the entire conversion rate optimization software's available in the market, OptinMonster is popular than the rest.  It enables you to change your site visitors into buyers and email subscribers. In short, OptinMonster is an application and plugin which assists you to increase your email subscribers quickly.

Also, this plugin has pre-made high-converting opt-in forms, which you modify using their drag & drop builder. Also, this platform has a strong display targeting features that enables you to customize the campaigns of every user. Therefore, you can display the message you want whenever you want.

This tool is good for eCommerce sites, business websites and bloggers. You should use OptinMonster if you are planning to make money from your traffic.

Moreover, this plugin helps you to increase your email list, convert your visitors to customers, and retrieve abandoned cart sales. Many websites use this plugin.

(15.) LiveChat

live chat

It is ranked as the best support software for live chats in both e-commerce and business websites.  Besides being easier to use, it enables you to add live chat on your site swiftly.

This plugin offers many custom options, and it features a mobile app which you can use wherever you go. Additionally, it blends well with the tools you are already using like email marketing, CRM, and support software and others. Nonetheless, this plugin loads faster, and it provides an amazing user encounter.

You can take This plugin from experts. 

(16.) Sucuri


All online business owners should take website security as their top-most priority. Sucuri provides you with the best website protection in the form of web application firewall and WordPress security plugin.

The web application firewall and WordPress security plugin examines and protect your website from XSS attacks, DDoS, brute force attacks, malware threats and all other forms of attack. You should add a firewall on your website without hesitation.

(17.) SEMRush


This is an all-in-one marketing tool for all online business owners, as well as digital marketing professionals. This plugin features strong tools that assist you in enhancing your content &PR plan, social media, paid traffic plan and SEO.

This tool enables you to collect competitive intelligence about your competitors. You can apply it to beat them in terms of ranking and be a pro in your industry.

Most importantly, this tool assists you to spy your competitors, trace brand mentions, backlink audit, keyword research, ad plan analysis, and discovering posts that are performing well on social media among others.

The best tool you to use in place of SEMRush is Ahrefs.

(18.) UpdraftPlus

updraft plus

Presently, the most fashionable WordPress backup plugin is UpdraftPlus. This plugin gives you the ability to create automatic backups, as well as restoring them on a remote place, such as email, FTP, Rackspace, S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, and others.

Also, it makes the restoration of your website from a backup to be extremely easier. The base plugin is available for free, but there is a premium version with priority support and additional features.

In case you are looking for its alternatives, the best is VaultPress and BackupBuddy, although they are available as premium versions.

(19.) G Suite

g suite

It is available as a suite of web apps such as spreadsheets, docs, and email among others. Google is the developer of this plugin, which is a strong set of office applications. Besides that, it is user-friendly, easier to install, and cheaper.

This plugin saves you costs for managing backups, hiring IT experts, hardware and software licenses among others.  The most important thing about G Suite plugin is that it permits you to use expert email addresses that have your domain name in Gmail.

(20.) WP Rocket

wp rocket

WP Rocket is ranked as the top-most WordPress caching plugin you can find in the market. This plugin enables you to instantly enhance the speed of your WordPress website, as well as it is functioning, even if you have no technical skills.

This tool automatically activates recommended WordPress caching settings, such as cache pre-loading, page cache and gzip compression. Besides this, you can enhance the load times of your pages by enabling optional features, such as minification, DNS pre-fetching, CDN support, and lazy loading images.

Furthermore, this tool provides Imagify; free image optimization service that assists you in speeding up your website further. WP Rocket is the easiest and most user-friendly caching plugin to beginners. Nonetheless, it is only available as a paid version.

Instead of WP Rocket, you can use WP Super Cache as it is free, although it is not strong and easier to use.

(21.) LearnDash

learn dash

Are you planning to make and sell online courses on your WordPress website? If so, the best WordPress LMS plugin to use is LearnDash. This tool comes with a drag & drop course builder which enables you to add assignments, quizzes, and lessons when making your course.

(22.) MemberPress


It gives you the ability to use WordPress in creating online communities and membership. In fact, it stands out to be the best WordPress membership plugin. With the help of this plugin, you can easily make subscriptions which restrict content to users depending on the subscription plan.

Also, this tool functions well with all payment methods, and it blends well with online stores that are using WooCommerce.

(23.) SeedProd

seed prod

It is the best WordPress coming soon page and maintenance mode plugin which assists you in gathering leads and raise the number of your followers even if your website is unavailable/ yet to be launched.

You can utilize this plugin in making attractive "coming soon" landing pages when still constructing your website. Some of its features are; social media integration, countdown timer, many templates, and email marketing services.

(24.) CSS Hero

css hero

For visual display on your website, all WordPress themes depend on CSS. You should learn CSS if you have some plans of making modifications to your themes. However, learning CSS can consume most of your time as a business owner.

To save you from wasting time, you only need to use the CSS Hero plugin, which permits you to modify and WordPress theme without the use codes. But, unlike Beaver Builder plugin, this plugin is not a drag & drop page builder. Instead, it helps you modify any WordPress theme as per your requirements within minutes.


There are so many WordPress plugins in the market, but most WordPress business owners use more than three-quarter of the above plugins at some point. However, some of the plugins in our list may not be helpful to you, based on your online business.

I hope the article was helpful to you. Do not hesitate to check our blog section for another useful blog post to help grow your online business. If you have any question or comment, use our comment section, and we will answer. If you are facing any WordPress related issues, you can consult WordPress experts


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